Jonah Brown: Magnum Poopus


Yesterday Jonah Brown, AKA Th’ Mole, unveiled his sophomore release, Magnum Poopus. Continuing where he left off with his Daly City Records debut, Logfather, the self-produced album consists entirely of bragadocious battle raps over catchy boom-bap beats, all of the lyrics centered on the theme of poop. Although the subject matter is patently juvenile, it is crafted and delivered with such flair and cleverness that 8th graders and adults alike will be able to appreciate it for the brilliant artistry that it is.

Expanding his repertoire beyond the scope of Logfather, in Magnum Poopus Jonah includes songs of romance (“Brown Sugar”), holiday cheer (“Poop Santa Claus”) and spirituality (“Meditations On Mysticism & The Infinite Nature Of Doodoo”). Additionally, guest juggalette MC Gory Pussy shares the female perspective on defecation in “Lady Lumps” while Oregonian shaman LXOR (of New Cocoon) gives an environmentally-minded touch to “Compost”.

The first single, “Shit Crimes”, is available to stream at, while just in time for the holidays, the aforementioned “Poop Santa Claus” is a free download at

The entire 18-track album is available to download on sale for just $2 until the New Year at


Jonah Brown (AKA Th’ Mole): LOGFATHER

Following the recent release of Th’ Mole & Friends: Love In The Chaosphere, an uncharacteristically mature and artful album for the psychedelically-styled MC/producer, comes the completely juvenile side-project, Jonah Brown: Logfather.  Featuring guest MC’s Myka 9, Ngafsh & Wormhole, the 18 tracks consist entirely of braggadocious battle rhymes in a style reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, but instead of the traditional subject matter (rhyme skills, money, sexual prowess) Jonah and cohorts rap strictly about… poop.

Although one Amazon reviewer whines, “Seriously? A weak-ass rapper wastes his time and $ making a recording about sh*t and really expects people to buy it?” others disagree. Another review contends, “Jonah Brown’s debut on Daly City Records is confusing, creative, awe inspiring and funny. It’s also very well produced…”  Meanwhile Th’ Mole’s press release eloquently states that “Jonah Brown aims to subvert a universal taboo, placing all cultures and classes on common ground via this embarrasing bodily function. In addition the project is a reaction to the pomposity and self-aggrandizement commonly displayed in hip hop culture.”

Decide for yourself what you think of the Logfather by listening at, where you can also download the lead single, “The Doody Dance” for free.  Purchase the entire release for $8.99 at Amazon.

[Also available for free download, Jonah Brown: Poop Raps ‘Mixtape‘]

TBT Label Series: Daly City Records

By: Alex Alden

Bay Area DJ/Producer, Mochipet, is known for his loud purple dinosaur suit and dance floor bangers. However the musical maestro has long had his finger in the business side of the industry as well, running his own record label, Daly City Records.

The label’s namesake, Daly City, is the oft forgotten neighbor of colorful San Francisco, CA. Mochipet, or David Wang as he is known sans dino suit, grew up there with his dad. Virtually unknown outside of the Bay Area, Mochipet decided to name the label after the town because he considers Daly City as well as Daly City Records to be his home. In an interview with The Brain Trust, he mentioned that, “It’s great to see people from around the world recognize the name ‘Daly City’ even though they don’t know the city. It’s like building something from scratch and re-appropriating something on a personal level.”

As illustrated through his commitment to home, family is important to Mochipet, and he has brought that commitment to lasting relationships to Daly City Records. All of the artists that have released on the label are in some way personally connected to him and he calls the label “a network of good family and friends.” Due to this emphasis on personal relationships over musical genre, Daly City Records avoids classification.

Mochipet relishes in this fact, saying “I wanted it to be personal and not just another label with a ‘niche’ that spits out the same things over and over again. I love all kinds of music and really wanted Daly City to reflect that.” The artists currently releasing on the label are definitely varied. Some of these up and comers include Living Stone, Th’Mole and Sovereign Sect.

Living Stone is based out of Montreal, Canada and creates deep bassy beats tossed with a dose of dubstep. Reno native Th’Mole puts on a full costumed show and dabbles in different genres but always throws in a splash of humor. His track ‘I love Unicorns’ is a catchy homage to Th’Mole’s love of the mythical animal. Sovereign Sect, hailing from Fargo, ND, is a livetronica group who describe their sound as “as unique as it is diverse.”

As with any modern, digitalized label, Daly City is faced with the threat of internet piracy, but Mochipet isn’t worried about it citing the fact that since his artists are smaller, the people who listen to them are more connected to the music and less likely to steal. “…when your audience doesn’t really care what you are doing and just want to listen to that hit song, that’s where piracy problems come in, because you are trying to make money off of someone who doesn’t connect with your artist on a personal level. It’s like selling McDonalds food. They just want it fast and cheap. They don’t care where they get it from. That’s not what we are trying to do. We can give away our music for free and our fans will still donate or come support at shows. They are interested in what we are doing. “

The aim of Daly City records is “to expose people to awesome music they might have never heard.” Bigger names such as eDIT (Glitch Mob) and Daedelus (Ninja Tune) who have become quite well known have released on Daly City but that was before they made it big and helped gain exposure to a larger audience. Mochipet is not interested in signing a major act and is more focused on the music and keeping the label unique. He says,” Why would I want to make another label of something that’s already out there? I think this is what will set us apart in the long run. I think the labels people remember are the ones that have their own character, one’s that have their own personality.”

Very refreshing to see a label sticking to its ideals in the industry.

Th’ Mole, AKA Jonah Brown

Th’ Mole has been busy as usual, recently dropping a couple singles with music videos (“$uper $tarlet $uicide” and “I’m Over Dubstep”), two cover songs (Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies” and Jungle Brothers’ “I’ll House You”), and a mixtape (featuring Mochipet, Udachi, Ice Cube, etc.) for his new alter-ego, Jonah Brown.  Links below.

“$uper $tarlet $uicide” (video):
“I’m Over Dubstep” (video):
“Hey Ladies” (MP3):
“I’ll House You” (MP3):
Jonah Brown – Poop Raps Mixtape (MP3’s):

Magical Bass #2 w/ Mochipet, Glitch Mob, Gorillaz & More

Magical Bass

In association with Daly City Records, Chrome Kids, Man Bites Blog, and Brooklyn Radio, DJ 0.000001‘s Magical Bass is in a realm of its own. Rather than just a radio show, Magical Bass should properly be considered a unique musical composition, painstaking sequenced and remixed, with the utmost attention to detail and optimal sound quality.

Episode two features Glitch Mob, Mochipet, Gorillaz, Too $hort, A-Trak and more, chopped, sliced and layered like you’ve never heard before!

Episode #2 Tracklist:
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. DJ Shadow “Magical Bass Theme #2”
02. Red The Man Without The Machine “I Should Tell Ya Mama On Ya (Chops Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
03. Infesticons “Bombs Anthem (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
04. Keke Palmer “Superjerkin’ (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
05. Freddy Todd “Blowin’ Good (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
06. NWA “Dopeman (HavocNDeed Tempo Change Maddness Mix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
07. Glitch Mob “How To Be Eaten By A Woman (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
08. Too $hort “Nobody Does It Better (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
09. Wormhole & Sapience “Mystic Flute (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
10. Missy Moni (Kid Whatever vs. Missy Elliot) “Crazy About It (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
11. Birk Storm “I Don’t Care (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
12. Flame ft. KJ Hines “Shake Twerk Wobble Instrumental”
13. Killer Queens “Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)”
14. Skin & Bones “Crank Dat Bin Laden (DJ Weekend’s Mordocop Remix)”
15. Splatinum “Pierce The Air (Remix of Sleepy Eyes Of Death) (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
16. Gorillaz “Superfast Jellyfish (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
17. Naked Slice “What It Sounds Like (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
18. A-Trak ft. Pill “Vampires Goin’ Ham (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”

You can also visit the Magical Bass SoundCloud page where listeners can download high quality MP3’s of each episode (minus the voiceovers) as well as many of the individual tracks featured in each show!

You can stream or download right now, or if you prefer, you can access and subscribe to the show via RSS (podcast) or iTunes.

Magical Bass on Brooklyn Radio

Magical Bass on SoundCloud

Magical Bass/Daly City RSS Feed

Daly City/Magical Bass iTunes Feed

R. Kelly, Chipmunks & “Earth Day Sex”

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, Daly City Records presents a new single and remix EP, courtesy of self-proclaimed “thrash-up” artist DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th’ Mole).

r kelly, earth day sex

Featuring R. Kelly on chopped-up lead vocals, “Earth Day Sex” transforms Jeremih‘s “Birthday Sex” into a warped futuristic slow jam.  The infectiously catchy single, complete with ridiculous cover art, is free to download.  In typical form, DJ 0.000001 weaves a complex composition out of several tracks, including Lil Wayne‘s “Zoo”, R. Kelly’s “The Zoo”, and more.

DJ 0.000001 ft. R. Kelly & Jeremih – Earth Day Sex (MP3/SoundCloud)

“Earth Day Sex” ZIP

Also from DJ 0.000001, in collaboration with Chickenhed, comes All Chipped Up, eight exclusive tracks with one thing in common: rapping chipmunks!  Experience pitched-up vocals from Die Antwoord, E-40, DJ Assault and more, laid atop 0.000001’s pumping mutant beats.


01. Die Antwoord “Beat Boy”
02. Jamie Foxx “Straight To The Dance Floor” (ft. Lil Wayne)
03. E-40 “I’m On One”
04. Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” (ft. Lil Wayne)
05. DJ Quik & Kurupt “Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind Of Mars”
06. Th’ Mole “Go Horsie”
07. DJ Assault “Ass N Titties”
08. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes “Block Party”

DJ 0.000001 ft. Jamie Foxx “Straight To The Dance Floor (Chipped Up Remix)” (MP3/SoundCloud)

All Chipped Up ZIP

Th’ Mole: Tour Report, Video & New Single

Just back from his tour through Austria, France and Germany, Th’ Mole gives us an update on his wacky adventures, along with new live video footage, photos, and the first leak from his upcoming album.

Th’ Mole “Go Horsie (Live)” video:

This tour made me believe that I might be cursed, or that I may have some sort of screwy electrical field that causes equipment to malfunction.  Either way, lots of bad things happened to me, but all-in-all it was still good fun.

Things That Went Wrong:

* My connecting plane in Chicago (on the way from Portland, OR) had “electrical problems”. After sitting on the plane for a few hours (in eager anticipation of dinner) it was announced that the plane would be cancelled until the following day. This meant an extra 24 hours of waiting in Chicago, and the cancellation of the first show of the tour in Toulouse.

* Once my plane finally made it to Paris, about 26 hours late, I had to take a train to Austria for my show in Vienna.  This would have been a long journey anyway, but since I misunderstood the guy at the ticket booth I neglected to switch trains when I was supposed to.  So after about 17 hours of being on the train, thinking that I was half an hour away from Vienna, I was kicked off by a man who spoke not a single word of English.  I had no idea where I was; all that I knew was that it was 5 in the morning and there was lots of snow.  After some time I found out that I was in a small town in Slovenia, over 9 hours away from Vienna.  (Luckily a few extra euros and lots of waiting got me to the proper destination in time to fix my broken MIDI key-tar and play the show.)

* More electrical problems.  Following the problems with the airplane, I experienced the following unexplained electrical problems: 1. In Vienna, for much of the night, each time the sound guy did so much as lay a finger on any part of the sound board, an extremely loud and terrible noise came out of the speakers.  2. At the next show, in Berlin, during soundcheck, half of the electrical circuitry in the building stopped working and two different power converters were destroyed.  3. At the next show, in St. Etienne, I decided to drape some christmas lights over me while I played, and when I also picked up a battery-powered light I was shocked with 220 volts.  4. At the next show, in Nantes, I was interested in the strange-looking power supply, so I pressed the power button, just out of curiosity, and then it stopped working and wouldn’t turn on again.  5. In Paris, during soundcheck, DJ Bizkid’s turntables were being strangely unresponsive, but then mysteriously started working normally again.  6. At the last show, in Strasbourg, the other band, Pad Brapad, had problems with the monitor speakers, forcing the venue to find new ones.  7. My travel companion, DJ 0.000001, had numerous unexplained issues with his MIDI equipment. (Somebody told me that maybe it’s not a curse that I have, but a magical super power which I have yet to learn to control.  That would be neat!)

* In Bordeaux it proved impossible to find a train reservation so that I could get to Strasbourg in time for my show, so I decided to sneak my way there via the toilet stall.  After a couple hours of people banging on the door and me using my mongrel French to say, “I’m sorry, I’m sick!” the ticket checker busted in and demanded to see my ticket.  I had a ticket, but not a reservation, which is compulsory on most French trains, but for some reason the guy didn’t ask for my reservation, so it turned out okay.  But still, it was a pretty stressful and stinky couple of hours.

* I mis-planned my bookings, scheduling a show in Denmark followed the next day by a show in central France, which would be impossible to do by train, so I had to cancel the show in Copenhagen, which was going to be ON A BOAT!  Dangit!  (Also an extra show in Bordeaux was cancelled, along with one in Poland – dangit two more times!  That means a total of 4 shows were cancelled on this tour, and a hefty sum subtracted from my wallet.  Ouchy.)

* Also, I got sick, and my e-mail stopped working for a few days.  But luckily I’m INVINCIBLE!  NO CURSE OR ANY AMOUNT OF BAD LUCK CAN STOP TH’ MOLE!!

Things That Went Right:

* I didn’t lose ANYTHING on this trip!  This is a major accomplishment for me, which you can verify by my last tour report, in which my list of things lost was super-hecka long. See…

* I sold out of my CD’s.  (But I didn’t bring that many..  cause the time before I brought way too many.)  I then spent hours making more burned ones to sell, but I don’t think I sold any of the burned ones. But then I gave them all away at the last show, which was fun.

* All the shows were lots of fun, and went pretty well.  (Besides the show in Bordeaux which was horrible in ever so many ways, thanks to the worst booker I have ever dealt with.  If you’re reading this, mister, you know who you are; you should get out of the business.)

* I recorded two pretty cool songs in Bordeaux with Le Pingouin and friends.

* Lots of nice people took me into their homes, fed me, and showed me around.  Thank you!

Stay tuned for Th’ Mole’s new multi-media album, Superman Vs. Gremlins, coming out on Daly City Records in May.  Meanwhile, check out the first (un-mastered) leak from the album, “Black Helly ft. Oskar Ohslon & Cartoon Monster”:’%20Mole%20-%20Black%20Helly%20ft.%20Cartoon%20Monster%20&%20Oskar%20Ohslon.mp3

Order Th’ Mole’s latest album:

Official web page:




Press photos:’%20Mole%20-%20promo%20pics,%20cover%20art%20&

Th’ Mole – New Single & Euro Tour

Th' Mole - Lazer Boogerz tour poster

Because we care, please enjoy this exclusive remix of
Th’ Mole’s “Jump Jack” track by Barely Legal Beats.

Download MP3:

And coming to Europe this month, Th’ Mole’s “Lazer Boogerz” tour,
including Austria, Denmark, France and Germany.

DJ 0.000001 Remixes

In conjunction with Chickenhed and Doktor Krank, Daly City proudly presents a generous helping of hyper-speedy future-tastic remixes by DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th’ Mole).

The free full-length album, originally released last summer on CD by Hectic Recs, features severe re-workings of Captain Ahab, Young MC, DJ Donna Summer, Mochipet, Damionice, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dude N Nem, Jean Jacques Perrey, Oskar Ohlson, JJ Fad, Foxdye, Chemical Brothers, Drumline Soundtrack, Eazy-E, Enya and Th’ Mole himself.

Download it now from Chickenhed, Doktor Krank or Daly City.

DJ 0.000001 - Racin' Music

Mole Report

mole @ burning man

Th’ Mole has been as busy as ever, recently touring Holland, Burning Man (pictured above), and southern Oregon, as well as working on numerous recording projects.

Check out this sneak peek of his new hit, “I Luv Unicornz”, live from Holland. Maxi-single coming soon…

And due to a technical mishap the last Mole update was missing its intended music video, “I Hate You”. Lookie:

(Read Doktor Krank’s review of the video here.)


The hilarious ChickenHed collective has just released a new compilation, ChickenHed 3: Koo Koo Klusterkluck, featuring an exclusive mini-song from Th’ Mole as well as the classic “Brush ‘Em” track by Mole alter-ego Captain Daydream. Also including Foxdye and a grand assortment of other talents, the compilation is free to download here.

Promoter/director/producer Sean Carnage recently took some time off from booking and hosting his infamous “Sean Carnage Mondays” event, affording him the chance to put together a mixtape of some of his favorite current music, including Th’ Mole’s “Zombie Dance Mind Programme” off of his Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 album. Download the mix and read more here.

Bay Area folks, be on the lookout for Th’ Mole performing on October 9 (The Bordello) and 11 (The Knockout) in San Francisco. Check for details.

And finally, Th’ Mole has just announced plans for his fifth European tour in February 2010. Interested venues/bookers/agents can contact

Meanwhile Mole’s alter-ego, DJ 0.000001, has been making his own noise, releasing a split single with Mochipet (“Eazy-E On Atari“) via Chrome Kids and a full-length “thrash-up” album (Racin’ Music) via Hectic Records (coming soon to a blog near you).