Tool vs Kendrick Lamar Free Holiday Download From Mochipet

Tool vs Kendrick Lamar

New holiday download from Mochipet
Tool vs Kendrick Lamar – Sober Swimming Pools (Drank).

“I have always been a fan of Tool ever since I started playing guitar as a kid, and I always wanted to do something with Kendrick Lamar. But after hearing so many Hip-Hop and Dance remixes of Swimming Pools (Drank) I felt like I would just be adding more noise to a already saturated trend. I wanted to do something different. So after hearing “Sober” come on my pandora station I thought this would be a perfect mash-up. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. Wishing you the best for the end of 2015!”

Listen / Free Download Premieres Mochipet’s Remix of Kraddy’s “No One Saves Us But Ourselves”


Mochipet and Kraddy are at it again remixing each other. You may remember the 2009 remix of “Godzilla Porn” and “Marshall Bass Stacks.” Now it seems they have grown up a bit with “No One Saves Us But Ourselves” and “Spark (not yet released).”  Whatever the case, they are always monster remixes and great pieces of music. Don’t forget to check out the amazing Samsara Baraka Re-edited Video by Karen Wei it adds a whole new dimension to the song! And Yes! of course it for free download, did we even need to say it? Enjoy! Big Thanks to for Premiering This! 




Mochipet Remixes Portishead into the sounds of Walls Dripping….


“As a child, Portishead Dummy was one of my favorite albums. They combined elements of hip-hop, soul, and theremins that made them stand out in a very wonderful and yet creepy way. So I thought why not make it into a very special Mochipet Halloween Remix for you all.  If anyone has ever seen walls dripping, you will know exactly what this is about. I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it..” – Mochi

Around The Clock Remix Review and Instrumental


My Around the Clock Remix for DJ Sol Rising and Rasco of Cali Agents had really good response from Friends and Family. So much so some were asking if I could put up the Instrumental for free download as well. Well Of course! Please follow the link below. – Mochi


Nick (The Bangerz) “Fuck !!! this shit is hard!”

Boreta (Glitch Mob) “Dope”

Mat The Alien “REALLY GOOD”

Sugarpill “Dopeness man”

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. “i love the apache break in the intro and this drops real funky. good stuff”



Mochipet Remixes DJ Sol Rising and Rasco (Cali Agents)


Hi All,

Just had a really good gig in Minneapolis where I got to play at First Ave. (Home of Prince and Purple Rain!). Then yesterday got to hang out at 710cup with the Grassroots Family. Have a break before Ruga’s Wedding Tomorrow in Denver so I wanted to send you a a New Little Remix I did for my friend DJ Sol Rising and Legendary Bay Area Rapper Rasco of the Cali Agents. Happy to offer it up as a free download for you all. Enjoy! <3 Mochi

Click Here to Listen / Download

James Brown Father’s Day Remix


Hello All,

As some of you know my father was recently in and out of the hospital for his chronic asthma issues which has made him weak with his other health problems he’s been having due to his age. Because of this I have had to take a break from Mochipet so I could help him with daily stuff around the house. It’s been over a month and he is doing way better now. I recently just got my studio setup at my new house and my father urged me to get back to work and write more music. I’ve always loved James Brown’s music but have never remixed it so it was only fitting to do this for you all for Father’s Day!

So Here’s to my Dad and all the Dad’s who support their kids around the world! I hope you enjoy this quick little remix I made today. It feels good to get back to writing music!

Please share it with your Dads.
Happy Father’s Day!

New Remix of Mochipet & MCZULU’s “To The East” from ShankDub in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

We just received this New Remix of Mochipet & MCZULU’s “To The East” from ShankDub in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and we wanted to share it with you! Mochipet & MCZulu – To The East (Shankdub RMX)

and if you wonder what the Original Sounded like…

New Free Download from Mochipet – The Pet With The Iron Paws Remix!

Hey Ya’ll! I have always been a fan of The Wu-Tang Clan’s Rza,  Eli Roth, and Quentin Tarantino so I had to do a remix of this song for you all! I hope you enjoy it, and it’s a Free Download of course. So share and enjoy! <3 Mochi


Mochipet Beastie Boys Remix on Oddbloggins

By now, you surely already have heard that Beastie Boy MCA aka Adam Yauch passed away this past Friday, May 4, 2012, after a long battle with cancer.  This would be a pretty shitty beat blog if we didn’t pause for the man with the beard like a billy goat.  The Beasties will go down in history as legends in hip-hop, and, for our purposes, as some of the greatest innovators of the sample game.  Hell, Paul’s Boutique…. Read More

Little John – Road to Cairo Out Now on Daly City Records!

ARTIST: Little John
The Road to Cairo
Daly City Records

Midtempo Gypsy Crunk

Little John’s love for electronic music, live instrumentation, high fidelity samples, and haunting vocals come together in this mid-tempo gypsy-crunk tune inspired by the Egyptians. The original is a collage of organic sounds that one may hear on the way to downtown Cairo. And David Starfire, Mochipet, and Nanda have their own take on this collage. Some of Little John’s musical influences are Beats Antique, Rena Jones, Tipper and Mo Wax.

Track Names:

01) The Road to Cairo (Original)

02) The Road to Cairo (David Starfire Remix)

03) The Road to Cairo (Mochipet Remix)

04) The Road to Cairo (Nanda Remix)

Get it on Addictech Beatport and more..

“Basslines, Middle Eastern percussion, gypsy-esque violin and a promissory mysterious women’s voice are your downtempo guide through this exotically-crafted, texture-drenched sonic souk. The remix suite, featuring David Starfire, Nanada and Mochipet, makes for a compelling trip down the side streets of sound with just the right balance of bump, hustle and grind!”   Martin Tickle aka Dj Dragonfly

The Road to Cairo – Little John – ( Mochipet Mix) by Djlittlejohn

The Road to Cairo- Little John (Origional mix remastered) by Djlittlejohn

The Road to Cairo-Little John (David Stafire VIP mix) by Djlittlejohn

The Road to Cairo-Little John (Nanda remix) by Djlittlejohn