Mochipet in Hawaii For Halloween 2014


Our friend mr mochipet will be taking a trip to islands for Halloween this year to play some shows. Please check back for details. I’m sure there will be Loco Moco and Li hing mui involed as as I heard that is some of mr pet’s favorite foods. Maybe he will play a live set in the bamboo forest or a mist a cliff over looking dolphins and whales… one can only hope.

Mochipet Live in Beijing

Click Here to Download Mochipet’s Live Set from Beijing on his recent 2014 Asia Tour. It can contains new original material by the Master Pet Man himself as well as some dope mashups of Too Short, Tove Lo, Black Sabbath, Max Romeo, and Virtuoso Jazz Bassist Stanley Clark! If you like the mix please help us re-post, share it, and <3 it . We rely solely on the fans to get the word out so your participation is crucial to helping it become a success.   David does not believe in charging for his music but it is how he makes a living so if you would like to make a donation via his Bandcamp we would not be offended. Lots more music to come so stay tuned!



Daly City Kaiju BBQ This Sunday 9/29 in Daly City / San Francisco!


We’re bring the speakers out to the Park again for some Sun and Fun. Come join us this Sunday in Daly City / San Francisco! click here for more info

Mochipet’s Interview with The Do LaB

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“Looking ahead to our 2 shows with Mochipet this week in San Diego and Los Angeles, we set up an interview with him and we also included a few of your fan questions. Check out the full interview below and be sure to get your discount pre-sale tickets to the shows in San Diego or Los Angeles today!

Do LaB: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start by having you tell us about your new album and the new live tour.

Mochipet: “The new Live show is an ever expanding project I started working on this year. I basically got tired of doing the Ableton Live / DJ thing that’s become so prevalent today so I started incorporating more instruments, visual projections, and other secret gadgets to my set. With Music as the basis I’m trying more avenues for my creativity. Because it’s a ever changing project, every show / tour will be different. I hope to incorporate the interactive portion into the show later this year which I am very excited about.”

Do LaB: What was your inspiration for the new album? How do you think it fits into your catalog of tunes?

Mochipet: “‘Rawr Means I Love You’ is a series of songs I wrote the past year and a half on tour. It encompasses many genres and styles. It’s almost like a compilation but I spent a good amount of time making sure it was cohesive and not just a bunch of songs lumped together. You can check it out here:“”


“Do LaB: What is the live show like? We’ve seen some video and photos of the new dinosaur heads and lighting rig.

Mochipet: “For this tour we are doing songs from “Bunnies and Muffins,” “Rawr Means I Love You,” and several new unreleased tunes. We incorporated several different projection mapped shapes and custom visuals for each of the songs. I also have a drummer alone side many instruments I’m playing myself including a Malletkat, Guitar, and Kitara. And yes, of course there is some Godzilla in the mix as always.”

Do LaB: What is the main difference for you as performer from a live show vs a solo show?

Mochipet: “There is a ton more production that goes into the live show then a solo live PA set. I’m am singing and playing a lot of the instruments live so it will be different at every show. It is all original material and there will be no DJing involved.”

Do LaB: How did you link up with Zoogma?

Mochipet: “I first heard about Zoogma when I was on tour opening for STS9 in Oxford Mississippi. Since then, we managed to link up and do a SE tour together earlier this year. Now they are coming to open up for me on their first West Coast Tour. I’m very excited for them.”

Do LaB: What can fans look forward to at our two upcoming shows in San Diego and Los Angeles?

Mochipet: “Lots of Pets.”


“Do LaB: We also asked your fans for some questions. Here they are…

Will asked: “If electronic music didn’t exist, what other outlet would you utilize to affect the masses?”

Mochipet: “I would probably find someway to use my last name ‘Wang.’”

Luis asked: “Where did you get the name Mochipet?”

Mochipet: “From my Grandmother in Taiwan. She use to tell me to make “Mochipet’s” to shut me up.”

Anthony asked: “Where can I get myself a Mochipet Dino Head?”

Mochipet: “I will sell you mine for the right price in Tokyo.”

“We’d like to thank Mochipet for letting us into his world, and we hope you’ll join us in either San Diego or Los Angeles for Mochipet Live, including performances from Zoogma, Osal8 and Air Stegosaurus.

Get your discount pre-sale tickets for San Diego or Los Angeles.”


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Rawr Means I Love You Out Today!

Mochipet - Rawr-Means-I-Love-You_web


ARTIST: Mochipet
TITLE: Rawr Means I Love You
LABEL: Daly City Records
FORMAT: Digital and Limited Edition USB
RELEASE DATE: 03/05/2013

“Rawr Means I Love You” the long awaited Mochipet album is finally here, and it is quite a journey. In traditional Mochipet fashion the album runs the gamout from Electro to Disco to Dubstep to Dancehall and everything not in between! In a world of one-hit singles Mochipet wanted to create something different: “I wanted to create a very eclectic album as I usually do but this time I wanted ever song to have a cohesive link to each other, I wanted it to take you through a journey as you listened through the album.” And quite the journey it is, songs like “Beast” and “Whomp-a-saurus Sex” showcases the staple Mochipet styles of heavy bass and dense drumkits but “Swimming in the Seas of Galaxies” and “Space Between Time” are more melody based and show a more introspective side of David’s repritoire. Songs like “Dionysys Synthony” and “Black Hole Sunrise” even have a cinematic feel, incorpoarting multi-part harmonies more commonly used in Jazz and Classical Music. As with any Mochipet album there is a strong Hip-Hop influence. “Spark” which features a cameo from ex-Def Jux’s member MrLif, to be released later, takes you back to a time when lo-fi samples and found sounds we’re the creative dominance over over-hyped drum machines and Swag. Through out the Time Travels and Black Hole Sunrises the album offers a path of encouragement in today’s declining economy and end of the world landscapes, as a journey outward may indeed be just a journey inward. Or as the Speak and Spell like voice on the title track suggests: “Life, I know it’s rough but just because the world is messed up does not mean you have to be too.”

01) Rawr Means I Love You
02) Beast
03) Whomp-a-saurus Sex (Magnum Version)
04) Spark (Instrumental)
05) The Space Between Time
06) Swimming in a Sea of Galaxies
07) The Holtzman Effect
08) Intergalactic Bass Station Eleven
09) Dionysys Synthony
10) Black Hole Sunrise

Download the One-Sheet: DCR180 – Mochipet – Rawr Means I Love You


Catch Mochipet Live on Tour! See more photos from the Live Show

4/3- SD @ Ruby Room
4/4- LA @ King King
4/5- SF @ Broadway Studios
4/6- SC @ Catalyst Atrium
4/11-Eureka @ Nocturnum
4/12- Eugene @ WOW Hall
4/13- Portland @ Branx



Mochipet to Embark on West Coast Tour with Zoogma


So we are taking the live show back on the Road in April and love it if you come out and get weird with us! So please check the dates below and the short video clip of the 1st live show in Cervantes Denver then join us for a good ol time in April! Much <3 -Mochi




4/3- SD @ Ruby Room
4/4- LA @ King King
4/5- SF @ Broadway Studios
4/6- SC @ Catalyst Atrium
4/11-Eureka @ Nocturnum
4/12- Eugene @ WOW Hall
4/13- Portland @ Branx

Mochipet Going on Tour with Zoogma in The Southeast!


Mochipet is hitting the road with Zoogma just off of Jam Cruise This Week!
Make sure to check them out if you are in the South East!

Here is the full list of shows:

Jan 16, 2013 – Tallahassee, FL () @ Sidebar
Jan 17, 2013 – Columbia, SC () @ Five Points Pub
Jan 18, 2013 – Athens, GA () @ Georgia Theatre
Jan 19, 2013 – Birmingham, AL () @ Workplay Theatre
Jan 23, 2013 – Atlanta, GA () @ Asylum
Jan 25, 2013 – Charlotte, NC () @ Neighborhood Theatre
Jan 26, 2013 – Charleston, SC () @ Charleston Pour House

Also Mochipet is coming to Colorado with the Full Live Band in Feb!

Feb 15, 2013 – Denver, CO () @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom – Mochipet Live w/ Ill Mannered & Knight Riderz

Mochipet Join’s Zion I and more at the End of the World Party at DNA Lounge in SF


Is the world gonna end? Probably not. Can we still have a good time on 12/21 and enjoy some good music? Yes!

Purchase Tix Here:

On December 21st, 2012, a lineup of the worlds top EDM artists will be blasting a plethora of euphoric bass energy into the ground , so powerful that the Mayans apocalyptic prediction will come true as the planet crumbles beneath our loud ass subs.
DNA LOUNGE. San Francisco. You don’t wanna miss this one.
*Stephan Jacobs
*Robotic Pirate Monkey
*Sound Remedy
*Ruby Sparks
*G Jones
*Them Lost Boys
*Tasty Treat
*Vokab Kompany
*Selector Science
*Jimmy Burns
*El Jefe Rojo
*Dane Jouras
*DJ Loso
Support from: Techibeats, Wizard Science, & Bounce Camp

Mochipet Just Added to The Dew Tour in San Francisco Civic Center

Mochipet has just been added to the Concert Portion of The Dew Tour held at San Francisco’s Civic Center along with Portugal the Man and Reptar, Music Starts at 7pm. Click Here for Official Site

Where is the Dew Tour?

For the first time in its eight year history, the Dew Tour will be hosted in San Francisco, California.  The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will take place in the heart of San Francisco in Civic Center Plaza.  The event is sure to have a city feel with many of our courses inspired by San Francisco and the skaters and BMX riders that live there.

What events/disciplines will be featured?

The following events will be featured at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships:

BMX Dirt, FMX, Skateboard Street, BMX Street, Dirt Best Trick, Skate Streetstyle and BMX Streetstyle.


What athletes will be competing?

Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston and many more are set to compete at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.  Check out the full list of confirmed athletes here:



What can someone expect to see/get out of their time in The Dew Tour experience?

The Dew Tour Experience reflects the culture of action sports and the lifestyle of our fans through live partner brand experiences.  The Dew Tour Experience will be FREE for everyone.  Each of our partners will have a booth filled with different elements and products.

Our Partners include: Mountain Dew, Toyota, Pantech, iON, Paul Mitchell, Mongoose, National Guard, Stride and

Dew Tour Experience elements include: Autograph signings, Skate and BMX Courses, Giveaways, Product displays, Social Media, Scavenger hunts and Contests.

How can someone get to the Dew Tour at Civic Center Plaza?

The best way for Dew Tour fans to get to the event is by using public transportation, including Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni).  Parking will be available, but limited around the venue.  Below is more information on the different ways to get to the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

Mochipet at Academy of Sciences Jurassic Nightlife This Thursday!

Come see Mochipet This Thursday at Academy of Science Jurassic Nightlife in San Francisco and get your Dinosaur Bass On. Mochipet will be joined by Moquel (Secret Sidewalk/Planet Booty) on drums. Mr. Pizza will be doing a Koolaid on Paper Speak and Spell Seminar and Citizen Ten will be opening up the night at 7pm with his funky rare grooves! Take this chance to get a mini preview of one of Mochipet’s many self created costumes and live performance before he hits tour next year in 2013!

Win Tickets to this show on Mochipet’s Facebook Page!  or you may Purchase them Here!

PK Sound from Canada, The same system you heard on Excision and Skrillex Tours will be providing sound!!
Conjure up your childhood passion for dinosaurs this week with prehistoric specimens, pop culture, and art.See 90s classic Jurassic Park in African Hall, Dinosaurs Alive! in 3D, prehistoric specimens from the Academy’s collections, and then check out a Live Performance by Mochipet in a Godzilla suit, and D33J (WeDidIt Collective) in the coral reef.

Also don’t miss San Francisco Botanical Garden’s carnivorous plant feeding and ancient plant dissections, Conservatory of Flowers’ sketch-o-saurus dino drawing station and cartoonist Michael Capozolla and friends transforming guests into dinosaurs.

Event Schedule:
6-8pm Rainforests of the World (Last entry at 7:45pm)
6-9pm Cartoonist Michael Capozolla & Friends- Get yourself drawn as a dinosaur!/ East Pavilion (Children’s gallery)
6-10pm Sketchosaurus Drawing Station with the Conservatory of Flowers/ East Pavilion
6-10pm Carnivorous Plant Feeding & Ancient Plant Part Dissection with the SF Botanical Garden/ East Pavilion
6-10pm Science Love Stories: Prehistoric Specimens & Dino Concept Art/ Project Lab
6-10pm DJ Set by D33J (WeDidIt Collective)/ Coral Reef
6-10pm Cocktail Tour/ Bars Throughout
6:30, 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30 & 9pm Dinosaurs Alive! 3D Show/ Forum Theater (2nd Floor)
6:30pm Dead Dinos and Rocks from Space/ Planetarium
7pm Jurassic Park/ African Hall
7:30pm Academy Dino Talk/ West Pavilion (Project Lab)
7:30, & 8:30pm Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet/ Planetarium
8:30pm Live Performance by Mochipet/ Piazza