Out Now! LAMEBOT Strains “Variety Pack EP 2”


What began as an experimental art project has turned into a new lane for Miami bass warrior, LAMEBOT. The “Strains” project represents the audible merging of neural oscillation, medicinal marijuana benefits, and electronic music. Each EP is an assortment of different medical marijuana strains represented in the form of music. Everything including the key the compositions are written in, the bass frequencies used, and the tempo of the song, have all been planned to mirror the effects of the strain that is the song’s namesake.

“Variety Pack EP 2” is a fervent selection of Sativa strains, which is evident from its more upbeat and aggressive sounds in comparison to the Indica/hybrid heavy EP 1. The track arrangements are progressive and embody LAMEBOT’s urge to further blur genre lines, creating a Venn diagram of Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, and Nintendo nostalgia. With big drums over searing synth lines and bass frequencies that are more felt than heard, this EP is your dependable guide through a Sativa wonderland.

1. Crystal Coma
2. Durban Poison
3. Green Crack
4. Sour Diesel
5. Ghost Train Haze
6. Ultimate Trainwreck
7. Black Diamond
8. Cobra Klutch
9. Cataract Kush (madSavvy Remix)
10. Cataract Kush (MarshSound Remix)
11. Black Diamond (Gucci Wang Remix)

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