Mass Relay – Star Born Out on Daly City Records!


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Long standing glitch-hop producer/DJ David Wang (Mochipet) has joined forces with the funky duo Mass Relay on their new track “Bootsy Collins’ Bulbasaur”. This song is featured on Mass Relay’s new EP, “Starborn”, dropping today on Daly City Records. The EP is available now via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and several other digital retailers.

Mochipet’s energetic sound fuses cleverly with Mass Relay’s funky guitar and bass, leaving the listener electrified with futuristic synth sounds and moving instrumental lines.

“It was really cool to get to work creatively with an artist we have been listening to for years now” explains Matt from Mass Relay.

“Quote from you… Maybe along the lines of the track started as a loop which can still be heard in the song. I sent the loop to Matt and Chris and they turned that loop into a nice skeleton of a an entire track. From their I had them send me the entire project, and I put my finishing touches on it, which is what you are hearing now”  -David (Mochipet)

“We love the blend of our styles that exists in this track, and look forward to collaborating with David more” tells Chris (Mass Relay)

Out Now! LAMEBOT Strains “Variety Pack EP 2”


What began as an experimental art project has turned into a new lane for Miami bass warrior, LAMEBOT. The “Strains” project represents the audible merging of neural oscillation, medicinal marijuana benefits, and electronic music. Each EP is an assortment of different medical marijuana strains represented in the form of music. Everything including the key the compositions are written in, the bass frequencies used, and the tempo of the song, have all been planned to mirror the effects of the strain that is the song’s namesake.

“Variety Pack EP 2” is a fervent selection of Sativa strains, which is evident from its more upbeat and aggressive sounds in comparison to the Indica/hybrid heavy EP 1. The track arrangements are progressive and embody LAMEBOT’s urge to further blur genre lines, creating a Venn diagram of Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, and Nintendo nostalgia. With big drums over searing synth lines and bass frequencies that are more felt than heard, this EP is your dependable guide through a Sativa wonderland.

1. Crystal Coma
2. Durban Poison
3. Green Crack
4. Sour Diesel
5. Ghost Train Haze
6. Ultimate Trainwreck
7. Black Diamond
8. Cobra Klutch
9. Cataract Kush (madSavvy Remix)
10. Cataract Kush (MarshSound Remix)
11. Black Diamond (Gucci Wang Remix)

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New Mochipet Grassroots Hat V3!


Looks like our friends at Grassroots California is working on a new Mochipet hat since it was sold out 2x in a row. I always want to try and give back to the fans so we are going to do some hat giveaways. I just finished a new collaboration with one my buddies. See if you can guess the producer who helped me make this track. Everyone who guesses will be entered to win, we want to see how good your ears are! Thanks again for all the support. Tons of new music on the way! – Mochi

New Secret Mochipet Collaboration Guess Who?


Hey everyone, I just finished a new collaboration with one my buddies. See if you can guess the producer who helped me make this track. Download the link below. Everyone who guesses will be entered to win the new Grassroots Mochipet Hat, we want to see how good your ears are! Thanks again for all the support. Tons of new music on the way! – Mochi

Download New Mystery Collaboration

Mochipet Live at Solar Eclipse Festival Sulawesi Indonesia 2016 (Free Download)


Mochipet Live at Solar Eclipse Festival Sulawesi Indonesia 2016

Recently I had the honor of playing at the first Solar Eclipse Festival in Sulawesi Indonesian. Located on an island just east of Borneo, the festival was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Thousands of people from all around the world gathered and danced on top of a Aboriginal Indonesian Reservation to watch a Full Solar Eclipse in the middle of nowhere. There were stages and tree houses completely constructed out of bamboo and recycled materials. The infrastructure was all made to be sustainable as possible and I did not meet one person I did not like the whole time I was there. There were local acts as well as artists from all around the world. Sure there was problems, they were doing a full scale festival in the middle of nowhere. But what came out was nothing short of amazing. I wish you were there to share in my experience but since you were not please enjoy my set from the show; it contains many unreleased tracks as well as some side projects which will be released officially in the upcoming months!

P.S. Thanks to Aaron Mountain / Projekt Seahorse for the art!


Much Loves,

Free Mochipet Discography Downloads With Previously Unreleased Tracks

David Y Wang (aka Mochipet) has been a major pioneer in the last decade of electronic music. Starting out in the world of experimental IDM, his expansive style quickly moved to the fields of Breakcore, Hip-Hop, Techno, House, Dubstep, Trap, and now Glitch-Hop. His sounds have traveled the world like a SR-71 Blackbird dropping mushroom clouds of kaleidoscopic eargasms where you would least expect it. A complete discography is nearly impossible (the man seriously has more side projects then Robin Thicke has lawsuits right now) but this is an extensive library of what David has put out in the recent years; Contained you will find a catalog of his work plus previously unreleased mashups, originals, collaborations, and remixes from the Beastie Boys, Black Sabbath, Boreta & edIT of The Glitch Mob, Daedelus, E40, Ellen Allien, Far East Movement, K.Flay, Kraddy, NastyNasty, NiT GriT, Machinedrum, Outkast, The Polish Ambassador, R. Kelly, Radiohead, Salva, Spank Rock, and STS9. We hope you will enjoy listening to this as much as we have enjoyed creating it. If you have any questions regarding this release or anything else Mochipet related please direct them to his Facebook Page. All questions posted there will be answered promptly! 


For FLACC or Individual Track Download
Please Visit Mochipet’s Bandcamp Page!


Mochipet Remixes Portishead into the sounds of Walls Dripping….


“As a child, Portishead Dummy was one of my favorite albums. They combined elements of hip-hop, soul, and theremins that made them stand out in a very wonderful and yet creepy way. So I thought why not make it into a very special Mochipet Halloween Remix for you all.  If anyone has ever seen walls dripping, you will know exactly what this is about. I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it..” – Mochi

Mochipet Heading to Asia for Some Shows…

Mochipet is heading to Asia for some impromptu shows in China and Taiwan, He’s being a little secretive with the dates so please check for full details. Here is a couple flyers we got as well as a feature on 7hz Pokemon and Animal Costumes in Time Out Beijing! Be sure to catch him if you are there as he will be playing lots of new unreleased material….


2014-08-11 13.52.27




Mochipet’s Interview with The Do LaB

Posted by Jordan


“Looking ahead to our 2 shows with Mochipet this week in San Diego and Los Angeles, we set up an interview with him and we also included a few of your fan questions. Check out the full interview below and be sure to get your discount pre-sale tickets to the shows in San Diego or Los Angeles today!

Do LaB: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start by having you tell us about your new album and the new live tour.

Mochipet: “The new Live show is an ever expanding project I started working on this year. I basically got tired of doing the Ableton Live / DJ thing that’s become so prevalent today so I started incorporating more instruments, visual projections, and other secret gadgets to my set. With Music as the basis I’m trying more avenues for my creativity. Because it’s a ever changing project, every show / tour will be different. I hope to incorporate the interactive portion into the show later this year which I am very excited about.”

Do LaB: What was your inspiration for the new album? How do you think it fits into your catalog of tunes?

Mochipet: “‘Rawr Means I Love You’ is a series of songs I wrote the past year and a half on tour. It encompasses many genres and styles. It’s almost like a compilation but I spent a good amount of time making sure it was cohesive and not just a bunch of songs lumped together. You can check it out here:“”


“Do LaB: What is the live show like? We’ve seen some video and photos of the new dinosaur heads and lighting rig.

Mochipet: “For this tour we are doing songs from “Bunnies and Muffins,” “Rawr Means I Love You,” and several new unreleased tunes. We incorporated several different projection mapped shapes and custom visuals for each of the songs. I also have a drummer alone side many instruments I’m playing myself including a Malletkat, Guitar, and Kitara. And yes, of course there is some Godzilla in the mix as always.”

Do LaB: What is the main difference for you as performer from a live show vs a solo show?

Mochipet: “There is a ton more production that goes into the live show then a solo live PA set. I’m am singing and playing a lot of the instruments live so it will be different at every show. It is all original material and there will be no DJing involved.”

Do LaB: How did you link up with Zoogma?

Mochipet: “I first heard about Zoogma when I was on tour opening for STS9 in Oxford Mississippi. Since then, we managed to link up and do a SE tour together earlier this year. Now they are coming to open up for me on their first West Coast Tour. I’m very excited for them.”

Do LaB: What can fans look forward to at our two upcoming shows in San Diego and Los Angeles?

Mochipet: “Lots of Pets.”


“Do LaB: We also asked your fans for some questions. Here they are…

Will asked: “If electronic music didn’t exist, what other outlet would you utilize to affect the masses?”

Mochipet: “I would probably find someway to use my last name ‘Wang.’”

Luis asked: “Where did you get the name Mochipet?”

Mochipet: “From my Grandmother in Taiwan. She use to tell me to make “Mochipet’s” to shut me up.”

Anthony asked: “Where can I get myself a Mochipet Dino Head?”

Mochipet: “I will sell you mine for the right price in Tokyo.”

“We’d like to thank Mochipet for letting us into his world, and we hope you’ll join us in either San Diego or Los Angeles for Mochipet Live, including performances from Zoogma, Osal8 and Air Stegosaurus.

Get your discount pre-sale tickets for San Diego or Los Angeles.”


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Mochipet looking for a Drummer / Multi-Instrumentalist to complete his new Live Audio Video Project

Mochipet has been recently moving into a more live territory bringing back his guitar stylings and combining them with a custom programed Kitara and percussion instruments and some homemade goodies. He is currently looking for a permanent drummer / percussionist / mufti-intrumentlist to complete his new live audio video project. With a upcoming 2 week tour in April time is of the essence. If you are interested in auditioning in the San Francisco Bay area please email with years of experience and samples of your live drum playing. We look forward to your submissions! =)


Here’s a short clip of one of the first live shows in Denver at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with Pdub of Jazz Mafia, Shotgun Wedding, Zion I, Blackalicious and more.