Mochipet Just Added to The Dew Tour in San Francisco Civic Center

Mochipet has just been added to the Concert Portion of The Dew Tour held at San Francisco’s Civic Center along with Portugal the Man and Reptar, Music Starts at 7pm. Click Here for Official Site

Where is the Dew Tour?

For the first time in its eight year history, the Dew Tour will be hosted in San Francisco, California.  The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will take place in the heart of San Francisco in Civic Center Plaza.  The event is sure to have a city feel with many of our courses inspired by San Francisco and the skaters and BMX riders that live there.

What events/disciplines will be featured?

The following events will be featured at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships:

BMX Dirt, FMX, Skateboard Street, BMX Street, Dirt Best Trick, Skate Streetstyle and BMX Streetstyle.


What athletes will be competing?

Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston and many more are set to compete at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.  Check out the full list of confirmed athletes here:



What can someone expect to see/get out of their time in The Dew Tour experience?

The Dew Tour Experience reflects the culture of action sports and the lifestyle of our fans through live partner brand experiences.  The Dew Tour Experience will be FREE for everyone.  Each of our partners will have a booth filled with different elements and products.

Our Partners include: Mountain Dew, Toyota, Pantech, iON, Paul Mitchell, Mongoose, National Guard, Stride and

Dew Tour Experience elements include: Autograph signings, Skate and BMX Courses, Giveaways, Product displays, Social Media, Scavenger hunts and Contests.

How can someone get to the Dew Tour at Civic Center Plaza?

The best way for Dew Tour fans to get to the event is by using public transportation, including Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni).  Parking will be available, but limited around the venue.  Below is more information on the different ways to get to the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

Mochipet at Academy of Sciences Jurassic Nightlife This Thursday!

Come see Mochipet This Thursday at Academy of Science Jurassic Nightlife in San Francisco and get your Dinosaur Bass On. Mochipet will be joined by Moquel (Secret Sidewalk/Planet Booty) on drums. Mr. Pizza will be doing a Koolaid on Paper Speak and Spell Seminar and Citizen Ten will be opening up the night at 7pm with his funky rare grooves! Take this chance to get a mini preview of one of Mochipet’s many self created costumes and live performance before he hits tour next year in 2013!

Win Tickets to this show on Mochipet’s Facebook Page!  or you may Purchase them Here!

PK Sound from Canada, The same system you heard on Excision and Skrillex Tours will be providing sound!!
Conjure up your childhood passion for dinosaurs this week with prehistoric specimens, pop culture, and art.See 90s classic Jurassic Park in African Hall, Dinosaurs Alive! in 3D, prehistoric specimens from the Academy’s collections, and then check out a Live Performance by Mochipet in a Godzilla suit, and D33J (WeDidIt Collective) in the coral reef.

Also don’t miss San Francisco Botanical Garden’s carnivorous plant feeding and ancient plant dissections, Conservatory of Flowers’ sketch-o-saurus dino drawing station and cartoonist Michael Capozolla and friends transforming guests into dinosaurs.

Event Schedule:
6-8pm Rainforests of the World (Last entry at 7:45pm)
6-9pm Cartoonist Michael Capozolla & Friends- Get yourself drawn as a dinosaur!/ East Pavilion (Children’s gallery)
6-10pm Sketchosaurus Drawing Station with the Conservatory of Flowers/ East Pavilion
6-10pm Carnivorous Plant Feeding & Ancient Plant Part Dissection with the SF Botanical Garden/ East Pavilion
6-10pm Science Love Stories: Prehistoric Specimens & Dino Concept Art/ Project Lab
6-10pm DJ Set by D33J (WeDidIt Collective)/ Coral Reef
6-10pm Cocktail Tour/ Bars Throughout
6:30, 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30 & 9pm Dinosaurs Alive! 3D Show/ Forum Theater (2nd Floor)
6:30pm Dead Dinos and Rocks from Space/ Planetarium
7pm Jurassic Park/ African Hall
7:30pm Academy Dino Talk/ West Pavilion (Project Lab)
7:30, & 8:30pm Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet/ Planetarium
8:30pm Live Performance by Mochipet/ Piazza

Get a Sneak Peek at Mochipet’s New Live Show at San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences Jurrasic Night Life

Get a sneak peek at one of Mochipet ‘s new outfits and live performances before it debuts in 2013 at California Academy of Sciences Jurassic Night Life This Month, Thursday 9/20!

Click Here for Information on the Event..

Click Here for more information on Academy of Sciences Night Life

Mochipet At the Academy of Science’s Jurassic Nightlife

Mochipet’s performing at the Academy of Science’s Dinosaur Exhibit on September 20th in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more details to come. For more information on Academy of Science’s nightlife, follow:

TBT Label Series: Daly City Records

By: Alex Alden

Bay Area DJ/Producer, Mochipet, is known for his loud purple dinosaur suit and dance floor bangers. However the musical maestro has long had his finger in the business side of the industry as well, running his own record label, Daly City Records.

The label’s namesake, Daly City, is the oft forgotten neighbor of colorful San Francisco, CA. Mochipet, or David Wang as he is known sans dino suit, grew up there with his dad. Virtually unknown outside of the Bay Area, Mochipet decided to name the label after the town because he considers Daly City as well as Daly City Records to be his home. In an interview with The Brain Trust, he mentioned that, “It’s great to see people from around the world recognize the name ‘Daly City’ even though they don’t know the city. It’s like building something from scratch and re-appropriating something on a personal level.”

As illustrated through his commitment to home, family is important to Mochipet, and he has brought that commitment to lasting relationships to Daly City Records. All of the artists that have released on the label are in some way personally connected to him and he calls the label “a network of good family and friends.” Due to this emphasis on personal relationships over musical genre, Daly City Records avoids classification.

Mochipet relishes in this fact, saying “I wanted it to be personal and not just another label with a ‘niche’ that spits out the same things over and over again. I love all kinds of music and really wanted Daly City to reflect that.” The artists currently releasing on the label are definitely varied. Some of these up and comers include Living Stone, Th’Mole and Sovereign Sect.

Living Stone is based out of Montreal, Canada and creates deep bassy beats tossed with a dose of dubstep. Reno native Th’Mole puts on a full costumed show and dabbles in different genres but always throws in a splash of humor. His track ‘I love Unicorns’ is a catchy homage to Th’Mole’s love of the mythical animal. Sovereign Sect, hailing from Fargo, ND, is a livetronica group who describe their sound as “as unique as it is diverse.”

As with any modern, digitalized label, Daly City is faced with the threat of internet piracy, but Mochipet isn’t worried about it citing the fact that since his artists are smaller, the people who listen to them are more connected to the music and less likely to steal. “…when your audience doesn’t really care what you are doing and just want to listen to that hit song, that’s where piracy problems come in, because you are trying to make money off of someone who doesn’t connect with your artist on a personal level. It’s like selling McDonalds food. They just want it fast and cheap. They don’t care where they get it from. That’s not what we are trying to do. We can give away our music for free and our fans will still donate or come support at shows. They are interested in what we are doing. “

The aim of Daly City records is “to expose people to awesome music they might have never heard.” Bigger names such as eDIT (Glitch Mob) and Daedelus (Ninja Tune) who have become quite well known have released on Daly City but that was before they made it big and helped gain exposure to a larger audience. Mochipet is not interested in signing a major act and is more focused on the music and keeping the label unique. He says,” Why would I want to make another label of something that’s already out there? I think this is what will set us apart in the long run. I think the labels people remember are the ones that have their own character, one’s that have their own personality.”

Very refreshing to see a label sticking to its ideals in the industry.

Mochipet Does Modern Dance with Hover Floor

Mochipet to perform with Stacey Printz Dance Project this Wed-Sat at Z Space in San Francisco in the production Hover Space!

Printz Dance Project takes on their largest project to date with Hover Space. Two years in the making, this evening length work is an exploration of the middle ground – the place between extremes where the rich experiences of life take place. Please explore this site for more information and sneak peeks into the work. Reserve your tickets now!

November 30 + December 1-3, 2011 8pm

Z Space @ Theater Artaud

450 Florida / SF, CA 94110

(415) 626-0453



Photos Up from the Mochipet Rusko Show at Mezzanine

Photos by Luba Ross and CUDUNKO Up from the Mochipet and Rusko Show Click Here to View!

Rusko Mochipet and Neptune at Mezzanine Tuesday!

Thank u to everyone who made it out to
Rusko, Mochipet, and Neptune on Tuesday Night
Bass to the Epic Proportions! CLICK HERE TO SEE
by Luba! Much <3

Cinco De Mayo Mini West Coast Tour!!!!!

Daly City Records is Embarking on a little 3 city tour (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco) come Cinco De Mayo and we would love to see you there!

-Low End Theory
-Elbo Room
-How Weird St. Fair

If you would like to help, things we need:
– Places to stay, there will be about 10 of us so you might need a large barn.
– Food, as much as we hate to eat, we have to as human beings.
– Fun, there is never ever enough of this so bring as much as you can.

If you can help please contact, thanks!

Wed 5/5/2010
Low End Theory Los Angeles
2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031
With: Mochipet, Vladimir Computin, Lokae, and The Slayers Club

Thurs 5/6/2010
434 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA
With Mochipet, Vladimir Computin, and The Slayers Club

Friday 5/7/2010
Elbo Room (Polish Ambassador Battle of the Suits)
647 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110-1150
With Mochipet (joe mousepad, freddy future), Deceptikon

also Friday 5/7/2010
Anu Guerilla Bass
46 6th Street, San francisco, CA 94102
With The Slayers Club

Saturday 5/8
MightySF – Freqo De Mayo w/ Tipper
550 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-5029
With The Slayers Club

Sunday 5/9
How Weird Street Fair – Fashion Alley’ stage on Natoma
Howard St and 2nd St
With Mochipet (3pm) & Lippe (12pm)


Daly City Fan Page:


Mochipet Fan Page

Mochipet with Dj Spooky at the Independent Monday Nov 16th


DJ Spooky and Mochipet at the Independent Monday November 16th.