Magical Bass #2 w/ Mochipet, Glitch Mob, Gorillaz & More

Magical Bass

In association with Daly City Records, Chrome Kids, Man Bites Blog, and Brooklyn Radio, DJ 0.000001‘s Magical Bass is in a realm of its own. Rather than just a radio show, Magical Bass should properly be considered a unique musical composition, painstaking sequenced and remixed, with the utmost attention to detail and optimal sound quality.

Episode two features Glitch Mob, Mochipet, Gorillaz, Too $hort, A-Trak and more, chopped, sliced and layered like you’ve never heard before!

Episode #2 Tracklist:
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. DJ Shadow “Magical Bass Theme #2”
02. Red The Man Without The Machine “I Should Tell Ya Mama On Ya (Chops Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
03. Infesticons “Bombs Anthem (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
04. Keke Palmer “Superjerkin’ (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
05. Freddy Todd “Blowin’ Good (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
06. NWA “Dopeman (HavocNDeed Tempo Change Maddness Mix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
07. Glitch Mob “How To Be Eaten By A Woman (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
08. Too $hort “Nobody Does It Better (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
09. Wormhole & Sapience “Mystic Flute (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
10. Missy Moni (Kid Whatever vs. Missy Elliot) “Crazy About It (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
11. Birk Storm “I Don’t Care (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
12. Flame ft. KJ Hines “Shake Twerk Wobble Instrumental”
13. Killer Queens “Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)”
14. Skin & Bones “Crank Dat Bin Laden (DJ Weekend’s Mordocop Remix)”
15. Splatinum “Pierce The Air (Remix of Sleepy Eyes Of Death) (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
16. Gorillaz “Superfast Jellyfish (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
17. Naked Slice “What It Sounds Like (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
18. A-Trak ft. Pill “Vampires Goin’ Ham (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”

You can also visit the Magical Bass SoundCloud page where listeners can download high quality MP3’s of each episode (minus the voiceovers) as well as many of the individual tracks featured in each show!

You can stream or download right now, or if you prefer, you can access and subscribe to the show via RSS (podcast) or iTunes.

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Chrome Kids Reviews Master P On Atari Transformed Vol. 1!

First up is a titan clash between Mochipet and Kraddy as the Glitch Mobster takes on a track from the Glitch Godzilla’s Master P on Atari album. He’s not the only one either, Master P On Atari Transformed Vol. 1 which is out now on Daly City Records also features the likes of Restiform Bodies, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and Sub Swara.

MusSck Review on Chrome Kids Blog!

Daly City explores something of a deeper sensitive side to their soul with their new signing, London producer MusSck. Still keeping it glitchy and in the realm of Hip-hop’s cyborg reconstruction, this album is more subtle then previous label releases, conjuring up open rolling virtual plains to wander through. Playful yet emotional, there appears to be a fairly comprehensible story being told from track to track and chapter to chapter, let’s hope there’s many more volumes to come.

You can buy The Land Of Animation now here, but to give you a taster here’s one of the tracks plus a promo mix to check out.

Link to the Article

Mochipet & DJ 0.000001 “Eazy-E On Atari” Free Downloa

eazy-e on atari

Courtesy of Chrome Kids, the ghost of Eazy-E gets man-handled by Mochipet, DJ 0.000001 and Eprom by way of the free maxi-single “Eazy-E On Atari”.

Check out all the freaking reviews and features it has received from Money, Hoes, & Clothes, Bass Music, Rock The Dub, Noise Porn, White Folks Get Crunk for DJ’s, Boom Boom Chik, Goose Bumps Beatz, Ghetto Bazaar, Doktor Krank, My Morning After, and Faites La Fete Pas L’amour.

Get it here.

(And stay tuned for the free full-length DJ 0.000001 release, Racin’ Music, coming soon.)

Mole Report

mole @ burning man

Th’ Mole has been as busy as ever, recently touring Holland, Burning Man (pictured above), and southern Oregon, as well as working on numerous recording projects.

Check out this sneak peek of his new hit, “I Luv Unicornz”, live from Holland. Maxi-single coming soon…

And due to a technical mishap the last Mole update was missing its intended music video, “I Hate You”. Lookie:

(Read Doktor Krank’s review of the video here.)


The hilarious ChickenHed collective has just released a new compilation, ChickenHed 3: Koo Koo Klusterkluck, featuring an exclusive mini-song from Th’ Mole as well as the classic “Brush ‘Em” track by Mole alter-ego Captain Daydream. Also including Foxdye and a grand assortment of other talents, the compilation is free to download here.

Promoter/director/producer Sean Carnage recently took some time off from booking and hosting his infamous “Sean Carnage Mondays” event, affording him the chance to put together a mixtape of some of his favorite current music, including Th’ Mole’s “Zombie Dance Mind Programme” off of his Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 album. Download the mix and read more here.

Bay Area folks, be on the lookout for Th’ Mole performing on October 9 (The Bordello) and 11 (The Knockout) in San Francisco. Check for details.

And finally, Th’ Mole has just announced plans for his fifth European tour in February 2010. Interested venues/bookers/agents can contact

Meanwhile Mole’s alter-ego, DJ 0.000001, has been making his own noise, releasing a split single with Mochipet (“Eazy-E On Atari“) via Chrome Kids and a full-length “thrash-up” album (Racin’ Music) via Hectic Records (coming soon to a blog near you).

New old DJ 0.000001 mix!

Bay Area-based Circuitry Audio has just re-released a DJ 0.000001 “mix” that was released on CD-R a couple years ago. We put “mix” in quotes because, as is characteristic of DJ One-Millionth, his mix involves extreme editing, layering and original sequencing. Many of the compositions on this release, Listen To My Futures, later found their way onto the Whirled Fusion mixtape (featuring Th’ Mole), but some (such as the Fugazi remix) has remained unheard on the internet until now. Circuitry AudioCheck it!

Also coming soon from DJ 0.000001, a new single featuring Mochipet and Eazy-E, another single (“Down In A Hole”) coming out on Chrome Kids, and a remix album for Well.

Th’ Mole gets mad good press

People seem to like Th’ Mole’s new album and music video quite a bit. Not only has the album debuted at #33 on the CMJ college radio charts, but it has received a huge amount of web and print attention, even without any press campaign.

Poland’s Doktor Krank says

“You should definitely check this release, even if you never heard about this guy. His music escapes easy pigeonholing as its creativity goes much much beyond one music genre or style, which is quite a painful thing for music journalists, but a real treat for any intelligent and open-minded music fans. Turbo wonky apocalyptic madness delivered by Th’ Mole with the help of his fantastic vocal cords in a goofy hip hop manner, built on glitch and free-style electronica will elevate your mood instantly! You will be surprised, your mood will swing like in kaleidoscope. But you will definitely love the man behind this entire bombastic nuke dropped unexpectedly on you. Writing about Th’mole music you just cannot escape being a bit bombastic in your selection of words, sorry I can’t do anything about this.”

Ha! Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, gives another rave review:

A collection of reworked “hits” alongside new tunes, Greatest Hits is fun, upbeat dance music inspired by rap, glitch-hop and electro, with just a splash or two of bluegrass fiddle. Using this catchy ear candy as a backdrop, th’ Mole flips hyper, simple raps that emphasize the positive messages in his music, such as “How 2 B Cool” and “People Are Good,” alongside dance floor scorchers like “Jump Jack” and “Heart Phire,” and a handful of instrumentals. Even the one angry song, “I Hate You,” a break-up song, is fairly energetic and dances the thin line between ballad and rump shaker, finally crossing over with the angrier 8-bit remix, labeled “Secret Hidden Bonus Track.” A bonus MP3 EP contains a few more songs and remixes. “Tick Tick Blam” appears in original and instrumental form, as well as two remixes, but the highlights are “Brush ‘Em,” a sugary sweet, pro-teeth cleaning anthem from th’ Mole’s children’s entertainer alter ego Captain Daydream, and the two-part lesson in horseback riding, “Go Horsie,” the first part serving as the newest single, with a video featuring th’ Mole running amok as a vibrantly costumed “stupid, supercharged idiot.”

See the aforementioned “Go Horsie” music video here, and read the full Exclaim review here.

Th’ Mole is only picking up steam from here… Stay tuned for TWO new single releases on Chrome Kids/Daly City in the next month, music and articles in the new edition of Dead Magazine, and tours across the US/Canada/Europe in April, May and June. (STILL booking. To get some Mole in your town; contact