Mochipet on Autonomous Music’s Va-Array Vol. 2

Va-Array Vol 2 (Autonomous Music – Free DL!)

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Autonomous Music is the type of projects that should exist in a heap. This organization uses music and performances live from an impressive list of artists as a tool for social change. Art as a hammer that hits the nail of the meanings.

His proposal is specifically political, and if you know even at some of the names of the musicians involved you will see that everything is more than real, that are putting force into a target clear and thus are making an important contribution. The roster is composed by Dj Vadim, Filastine, Quantic, Mochipet, Natasha Kmeto, The Polish Ambassador, Resident Anti-Hero, Octopus Nebula, Ott, Ott & The All-Seeing I, Ill-Esha, Emancipator, Alex B, Anomie Belle, Blietech, Conduits, Cry Wolf, Dr Israel, Etheric Double, Intelepaths, Invisible Allies, Little People, Marley Carroll, Papadosio, Paper Diamond, Paper Tiger, Phutureprimitive, Pnuma Trio, Random Rab, The Great Muandane, The Nadis WarriorsYppah and Unlimited Gravity.

Last November 28 have released their second compilation for so-called free descent “Array Vol 2″, which contains tracks from all of their artists.” As it is logical, because the reason that unites all of these names is not a musical line but an eagerness in common, styles that handles are the most heterogeneous. On this album they may listen to hip hop, house, future step, indie hop, IDM, synth hop, trip hop, dubstep, reggae dub, techno pop and electro. But mysteriously this stylistic explosion runs evenly. The disk draws a journey that will unveil the adventure of track in track.

A very good album with a very good proposal back.”

Jonah Brown (AKA Th’ Mole): LOGFATHER

Following the recent release of Th’ Mole & Friends: Love In The Chaosphere, an uncharacteristically mature and artful album for the psychedelically-styled MC/producer, comes the completely juvenile side-project, Jonah Brown: Logfather.  Featuring guest MC’s Myka 9, Ngafsh & Wormhole, the 18 tracks consist entirely of braggadocious battle rhymes in a style reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, but instead of the traditional subject matter (rhyme skills, money, sexual prowess) Jonah and cohorts rap strictly about… poop.

Although one Amazon reviewer whines, “Seriously? A weak-ass rapper wastes his time and $ making a recording about sh*t and really expects people to buy it?” others disagree. Another review contends, “Jonah Brown’s debut on Daly City Records is confusing, creative, awe inspiring and funny. It’s also very well produced…”  Meanwhile Th’ Mole’s press release eloquently states that “Jonah Brown aims to subvert a universal taboo, placing all cultures and classes on common ground via this embarrasing bodily function. In addition the project is a reaction to the pomposity and self-aggrandizement commonly displayed in hip hop culture.”

Decide for yourself what you think of the Logfather by listening at, where you can also download the lead single, “The Doody Dance” for free.  Purchase the entire release for $8.99 at Amazon.

[Also available for free download, Jonah Brown: Poop Raps ‘Mixtape‘]

Splash My Sound Discoveries: Mochipet & 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep

"Splash My Sound Features Mochipet"A short time ago, France’s hot music blog, Splash My Sound, featured Mochipet on their Decouvertes Electro section for 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep.

The feature touches on everything from the release of “10 Reasons” to “All I Want is Moog Porn for Christmas” and even documents a short bio on Mochi… All in French… So put your Google Translate to work and check out here!




Sub-Radar Album Radar: Mochipet – Chicxulub

Fresh off of 1320 Records (Eliot Lipp, Alex B, Emancipator and other amazing artists that will eventually have a feature here) comes Mochipet’s latest glitch-funk audio fest, groovy, messy and cheeky…Mochipet is one of the best-known Taiwanese producers out there, and has collabs to the moon and back with everyone from hip hop MC’s to techno producers, but this album seems to be a return to his avant-garde electronic hip hop roots. Only 8 tracks, but definitely 8 tracks worthy of being on 1320 Records.

Read More

Groovemine Review: Mochipet-Chicxulub

I like albums with audacious concepts. Often, though, the music itself is boring, the concept simply serving as a crutch. When I first heard the newest offering by Mochipet (Taiwan-born David Wang), I had no idea that it was a concept album — and I liked it. My point being that good concept albums don’t ever live in the shadow of their concepts: the music is simply enriched by an understanding of the artist’s singular intentions. And in this case, they’re quite singular: Chicxulub, as the press release states, “is the soundtrack for an animated novel in which the Dinosaurs make their way through the impact of the comet believed to have destroyed them.”

Chronology is kind of a funny thing. If I had read that ridiculous description before my maiden voyage with the album, the music would definitely have disappointed me. The bombastic concept would have completely drowned out the music, I’m sure. But because I read it after listening to the album, everything instead clicked into place, and all of the elements of the music that I liked made more sense, giving the album a level of narrative depth of which I was previously unaware, appreciative as I was of the record’s epic synth textures. Suddenly the album’s scope, its plodding glitch-hop and huge synths, became panoramic.


Get your own copy of Chicxulub HERE

507 Projex on Mochipet’s Spacezilla EP

Mochipet is back this summer with Spacezilla, a seven-track EP containing three brand new smashers and four remixes courtesy of Minnesota, Udachi, Konekta and Fresh Young Minds & Skulltrane.  Spacezilla starts off larger than a brontosaurus with the track, For When the World Ends–a slow-to-build throwdown that percolates into a laser bass frenzy smartly incorporating a dubstep sound design while remaining wholly independent of the trappings of that genre.


Mochipet – For When the World Ends” from “Spacezilla” out now on Mallabelmusic by Mochipet

Deceptikon – Mythology limited edition 12″ out now!

ARTIST: Deceptikon
TITLE: Mythology of the Metropolis
FORMAT: 12” vinyl
LABEL: Daly City Records / Tokyo Ghost Island
CAT-NO: DCR156 / Tokyo 001
LIMITED: 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl with 11×17 insert poster
RELEASE DATE: 03/08/2011


“Mythology of the Metropolis” is highly anticipated third Deceptikon album, and is easily his most ambitious work to date. The full-length version of “Mythology of the Metropolis” was released digitally on Daly City Records to rave reviews, chart-topping sales, and widespread fan praise. Now, Daly City Records and new upstart label Tokyo Ghost Island have teamed up to press five of the hottest tracks from “Mythology of the Metropolis” on wax. This is a serious collector’s item. The 12” is pressed to a ridiculously limited 300 copies on transparent “coke bottle” blue, with a fold-out 11 x 17 insert poster.

The record is a genre-hopping, bass-heavy, mind-bending 12” of epic proportions, one that is equally suited for the home stereo as well as the dance floor. Heavy analog bass lines, vocals mangled just beyond recognition, vocoded samples, and thumping drums play like a soundtrack to genres that haven’t yet been invented. Created primarily while Deceptikon was living in Japan, “Mythology of the Metropolis” is an extended love letter written to the city of Tokyo, and a reflection of the cacophonous, overwhelming, and intense nature of city life. A critical and underground cult favorite, Deceptikon is an artist to watch in 2011.



A1) Kinyoubi

A2) The Humans Return

A3) Indo Loops

B1) Broken Synthesizers

B2) Copy The Floppy


“Deceptikon is a recent transplant to the Bay Area, and he’s brought with him a new album … an exciting and versatile slice from this upcoming producer.”

XLR8R Magazine

“Mythology of the Metropolis consists of 14 examples of crisp, vibrant, post-Dilla instrumental hiphop, with flashes of pretty IDM melodies and late-’00s bass wobble. (It is) mapping out a fertile field where IDM and dubstep’s textural playfulness and extremity tampers with hiphop’s rhythmic parameters, but without causing fissures in its essential funkiness.”

Seattle Stranger

“You’ll find no shortage of crisp beatsmithing and bleepy melodies bumping through Wright’s future-funk”




Official site:



Daly City Records:



Chrome Kids Reviews Master P On Atari Transformed Vol. 1!

First up is a titan clash between Mochipet and Kraddy as the Glitch Mobster takes on a track from the Glitch Godzilla’s Master P on Atari album. He’s not the only one either, Master P On Atari Transformed Vol. 1 which is out now on Daly City Records also features the likes of Restiform Bodies, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and Sub Swara.

Mochipet Featured on iTunes Stage4!


Mochipet Featured on iTunes Stage4!

MusSck Review on Chrome Kids Blog!

Daly City explores something of a deeper sensitive side to their soul with their new signing, London producer MusSck. Still keeping it glitchy and in the realm of Hip-hop’s cyborg reconstruction, this album is more subtle then previous label releases, conjuring up open rolling virtual plains to wander through. Playful yet emotional, there appears to be a fairly comprehensible story being told from track to track and chapter to chapter, let’s hope there’s many more volumes to come.

You can buy The Land Of Animation now here, but to give you a taster here’s one of the tracks plus a promo mix to check out.

Link to the Article