Jonah Brown (AKA Th’ Mole): LOGFATHER

Following the recent release of Th’ Mole & Friends: Love In The Chaosphere, an uncharacteristically mature and artful album for the psychedelically-styled MC/producer, comes the completely juvenile side-project, Jonah Brown: Logfather.  Featuring guest MC’s Myka 9, Ngafsh & Wormhole, the 18 tracks consist entirely of braggadocious battle rhymes in a style reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, but instead of the traditional subject matter (rhyme skills, money, sexual prowess) Jonah and cohorts rap strictly about… poop.

Although one Amazon reviewer whines, “Seriously? A weak-ass rapper wastes his time and $ making a recording about sh*t and really expects people to buy it?” others disagree. Another review contends, “Jonah Brown’s debut on Daly City Records is confusing, creative, awe inspiring and funny. It’s also very well produced…”  Meanwhile Th’ Mole’s press release eloquently states that “Jonah Brown aims to subvert a universal taboo, placing all cultures and classes on common ground via this embarrasing bodily function. In addition the project is a reaction to the pomposity and self-aggrandizement commonly displayed in hip hop culture.”

Decide for yourself what you think of the Logfather by listening at, where you can also download the lead single, “The Doody Dance” for free.  Purchase the entire release for $8.99 at Amazon.

[Also available for free download, Jonah Brown: Poop Raps ‘Mixtape‘]


The notorious Bay Area crew behind MOCHIPET’S infamous underground PETNATION parties are Back from the Dead and at it again.. and this time, we’re taking you with us San Francisco!

We may have been rocked out of our secret warehouse space last year, but this year we’re back and legit as ever at PUBLIC WORKS SF and we figure what better night to come back to life, than the eve of Halloween?

We’ve rallied up the Daly City Records BASS family and are gearing up for one insane night of beats and glitched out ghouls like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

We’re bringing out Canada’s heaviest hitter in the bass game for this one, and he’s ready to cause some serious HEAT San Francisco! A longtime veteran of EXCISION’s Rottun Recordings, and currently part of the Subhuman crew, this man is by far a force to be reckoned with. With his fierce, penetrating beats and filthy basslines, it’s no wonder MARK INSTINCT has everyone craving more on the dancefloor… from Australia all the way to the US. Get ready Bay Area, it’s about to get deliciously GRIMEY!
(Rottun Recordings,Subhuman Recordings|Canada)


You’ve heard his tracks played out at every party, now it’s time to see him live! 1st time in SF!

We’ll have you dancing til you die in the Dead Pet Cemetery
and bring you back to life again by dawn.

With our Spooky Residents:
Slayers Club
Free Crush (Konekta/DEVi)
Supplying Demand

Stroll through the dark alleys of the Dia de los Muertos Art Installation and Gallery, as we honor and show respect to the animals of our past and present, extinct or endangered. Bring a token or photo of your fave furry creature for the Dia de Los Muertos altar for loved PETS.

Alter Egos aka Costumes highly recommended and encouraged

*A portion of all proceeds will benefit OCCUPYSF*



$10 AFTER 10PM



Photography and Video provided by:
Kelsey Winterkorn []
Mark Sandstorm []

Additional details here:

Take a little peak into our Other World, if you dare:

MARK INSTINCT (Rottun Recordings | Canada)

A purveyor of fierce, penetrating beats and filthy basslines, Mark Instinct is one bad muthafucka – literally. With roots in metal, hip hop, punk and drum and bass there is no sound off limits for this young producer from Calgary who’s firmly secured himself amongst some of dubstep and drum and bass’s elite. Known for his explosive stage performance and his suave nature behind the decks, you can be sure that Mark Instinct will have your dancefloor poppin. With 2011 appearances at Starscape and Shambhala, and a Australian/US Tour already under his belt, you can be sure Mark Instinct has carved a solid name in the bass game.

This past year Mark’s first EP, Get Loud, was dropped on Rottun Records and featured 5 weighty tracks that have all gotten major playback with everyone from Excision to Bare rinsing them. Currently working on EP releases for both Rottun Recordings and Subhuman Recordings, you can be sure that Mark’s next release will be showing up on Beatport’s Top 100 chart, where he’s had numerous other releases land. In addition to his upcoming releases watch for forthcoming collaborations featuring the likes of Armani Reign, Messinian and Death by Stereo’s Efrem Shulz.

DCARLS (Simplify|Baltimore)
DCarls is coming with the HEAT from Baltimore, Maryland. This talented Glitch and Dubstep producer has his second EP release on Simplifly Recordings title “Flavorhythm 2″. DCarls does not hold back on ”The Heat” in this roller coaster tune with the twists, turns, and screwing bass drops in this a hand crafted masterpiece.

There is no question as to why his tracks are flying up Beatport’s charts. Able to muscle basslines around with the best of them, his compositional and theoretical background in piano and guitar make this stuff look easy, but the intricacy and precision are unbelievable. With an infectious, heavy metal riff and pulsing drums that break down into drum & bass with great regularity, “Splash” is about as subtle as a sledgehammer.
There is no question, not a shred of doubt that this kid is a superstar waiting to break out… and we can’t wait to say “we told you so.”

PETNATION monthlies are proudly sponsored and supported by:

Daly City Records


Partners in Grime

Grassroots CA

Slayers Club


Want to get paid to Make a Suit for Mochipet?

David Wang is Looking for a seamstress to commission the next level of Mochipet Suits for 2012. Preferably in the Bay Area but could work long distance as well. If you are interested please email him at:

much love!

Mochipet’s Ohh! So Famous Interview

Read about how Mochipet considers himself a ricecake and works on music naked ?!! WTF?

The definition of “Mochi” is a type of Japanese rice cake molded into shape and a “pet” is a domesticated animal kept for companionship. Do you consider yourself a Domesticated Japanese Rice Cake kept for companionship?

Read more here

Thank you to all who came out to see Mochipet at Burning Man!

Thank you to all those who came out to see Mochipet at
Burning Man 2010. Special Thanks goes out to all the
camps that hosted the Pet! Bass Camp, Nexus, Roots Society,
BASSYX, Furry, Nectar Village, Automatic Subconscious,
Janky Barge, Dub Scouts, Wanna Burn, Bat Country,
Verdant Bleep, Camp ?


Check out the new David Starefire Remix Album!

With Remixes by: Mochipet, Sub Swara, An-Ten-Nae, ill.gates, and jeff stott

Bollyhood Bass Remix EP Artist: David Starfire
Label: Six Degrees Records
Duration: 24:44
Genre: Dubstep
Tags: VocalGlitchyDubstep/GrimeBreakbeat
Date Released: 2010-05-25

Sound Became Color New Release!

Download on: iTunes | Addictech | Amazon | eMusic | Boomkat | Juno

ARTIST: Sound Became Color
TITLE: Gave You Easy—Wallet
LABEL: Daly City Records
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05-25-2010
1) Gave You Easy
2) Wallet

Sound Became Color is Daly City Record’s new addition. Band founder Timothy Renato Pizza started this project two years ago and has been eagerly awaiting its release. He calls his new music “Psych-Pop,” a combination of the Psychedelic and Pop musical genres. The music has many faces and seemingly no limits in terms of what types of sounds you may hear.

Sound Became Color is based out of San Francisco. The name originates from Timothy’s attempt to describe hearing in stereo for the first time—being that he was completely deaf in his left ear up until January 2010 at the age of 29. This is when he was given Cochlear’s BP100. With this device Timothy is now able to hear music in ways that seem almost magical. There is a small device mounted to the back of his skull that utilizes bone conduction as his method of hearing. The climatization, as Timothy describes it, is by far the most psychedelic and inspiring sensation that could be offered by this world. The metamorphosis from mono to stereo in the human mind has filled this longtime musician with a new drive to create a musically enjoyable composition of pop music and noise (not to mention all the bird sounds.) If life provides a sound that is deemed relevant to Sound Became Color’s watchful eye, it will be made into music.

Wallet, the B-side of this release, has a catchy percussion line made from an adding machine that would typically be used forinvoicing at an office. Being that Wallet describes issues of greed and ignorance with its lyrics, the adding machine sounds are a nice fit, specifically when accompanied by an electric bass, 808s and Audio Angel’s sexy yet mocking vocals.

This two-song release is a wonderfully rich listen. The music shows that time and experimentation are the common themes, which give Sound Became Color an unexpected air of limitlessness—discover where a song can go in the mind of the listener.

Sound Became Color

Cinco De Mayo Mini West Coast Tour!!!!!

Daly City Records is Embarking on a little 3 city tour (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco) come Cinco De Mayo and we would love to see you there!

-Low End Theory
-Elbo Room
-How Weird St. Fair

If you would like to help, things we need:
– Places to stay, there will be about 10 of us so you might need a large barn.
– Food, as much as we hate to eat, we have to as human beings.
– Fun, there is never ever enough of this so bring as much as you can.

If you can help please contact, thanks!

Wed 5/5/2010
Low End Theory Los Angeles
2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031
With: Mochipet, Vladimir Computin, Lokae, and The Slayers Club

Thurs 5/6/2010
434 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA
With Mochipet, Vladimir Computin, and The Slayers Club

Friday 5/7/2010
Elbo Room (Polish Ambassador Battle of the Suits)
647 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110-1150
With Mochipet (joe mousepad, freddy future), Deceptikon

also Friday 5/7/2010
Anu Guerilla Bass
46 6th Street, San francisco, CA 94102
With The Slayers Club

Saturday 5/8
MightySF – Freqo De Mayo w/ Tipper
550 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-5029
With The Slayers Club

Sunday 5/9
How Weird Street Fair – Fashion Alley’ stage on Natoma
Howard St and 2nd St
With Mochipet (3pm) & Lippe (12pm)


Daly City Fan Page:


Mochipet Fan Page

Daly City Taking Over Addictech Charts!!!! :)

In recent news, Daly City has made almost a complete take over of Addictech charts with the new Ben Samples album Snowstorm. And Mochipet’s Master P on Atari Transformed, Vol. 2.

Check it out right here ——–>


Daly City Loves You!

R. Kelly, Chipmunks & “Earth Day Sex”

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, Daly City Records presents a new single and remix EP, courtesy of self-proclaimed “thrash-up” artist DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th’ Mole).

r kelly, earth day sex

Featuring R. Kelly on chopped-up lead vocals, “Earth Day Sex” transforms Jeremih‘s “Birthday Sex” into a warped futuristic slow jam.  The infectiously catchy single, complete with ridiculous cover art, is free to download.  In typical form, DJ 0.000001 weaves a complex composition out of several tracks, including Lil Wayne‘s “Zoo”, R. Kelly’s “The Zoo”, and more.

DJ 0.000001 ft. R. Kelly & Jeremih – Earth Day Sex (MP3/SoundCloud)

“Earth Day Sex” ZIP

Also from DJ 0.000001, in collaboration with Chickenhed, comes All Chipped Up, eight exclusive tracks with one thing in common: rapping chipmunks!  Experience pitched-up vocals from Die Antwoord, E-40, DJ Assault and more, laid atop 0.000001’s pumping mutant beats.


01. Die Antwoord “Beat Boy”
02. Jamie Foxx “Straight To The Dance Floor” (ft. Lil Wayne)
03. E-40 “I’m On One”
04. Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” (ft. Lil Wayne)
05. DJ Quik & Kurupt “Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind Of Mars”
06. Th’ Mole “Go Horsie”
07. DJ Assault “Ass N Titties”
08. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes “Block Party”

DJ 0.000001 ft. Jamie Foxx “Straight To The Dance Floor (Chipped Up Remix)” (MP3/SoundCloud)

All Chipped Up ZIP