Jonah Brown: Magnum Poopus


Yesterday Jonah Brown, AKA Th’ Mole, unveiled his sophomore release, Magnum Poopus. Continuing where he left off with his Daly City Records debut, Logfather, the self-produced album consists entirely of bragadocious battle raps over catchy boom-bap beats, all of the lyrics centered on the theme of poop. Although the subject matter is patently juvenile, it is crafted and delivered with such flair and cleverness that 8th graders and adults alike will be able to appreciate it for the brilliant artistry that it is.

Expanding his repertoire beyond the scope of Logfather, in Magnum Poopus Jonah includes songs of romance (“Brown Sugar”), holiday cheer (“Poop Santa Claus”) and spirituality (“Meditations On Mysticism & The Infinite Nature Of Doodoo”). Additionally, guest juggalette MC Gory Pussy shares the female perspective on defecation in “Lady Lumps” while Oregonian shaman LXOR (of New Cocoon) gives an environmentally-minded touch to “Compost”.

The first single, “Shit Crimes”, is available to stream at, while just in time for the holidays, the aforementioned “Poop Santa Claus” is a free download at

The entire 18-track album is available to download on sale for just $2 until the New Year at


Jonah Brown (AKA Th’ Mole): LOGFATHER

Following the recent release of Th’ Mole & Friends: Love In The Chaosphere, an uncharacteristically mature and artful album for the psychedelically-styled MC/producer, comes the completely juvenile side-project, Jonah Brown: Logfather.  Featuring guest MC’s Myka 9, Ngafsh & Wormhole, the 18 tracks consist entirely of braggadocious battle rhymes in a style reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, but instead of the traditional subject matter (rhyme skills, money, sexual prowess) Jonah and cohorts rap strictly about… poop.

Although one Amazon reviewer whines, “Seriously? A weak-ass rapper wastes his time and $ making a recording about sh*t and really expects people to buy it?” others disagree. Another review contends, “Jonah Brown’s debut on Daly City Records is confusing, creative, awe inspiring and funny. It’s also very well produced…”  Meanwhile Th’ Mole’s press release eloquently states that “Jonah Brown aims to subvert a universal taboo, placing all cultures and classes on common ground via this embarrasing bodily function. In addition the project is a reaction to the pomposity and self-aggrandizement commonly displayed in hip hop culture.”

Decide for yourself what you think of the Logfather by listening at, where you can also download the lead single, “The Doody Dance” for free.  Purchase the entire release for $8.99 at Amazon.

[Also available for free download, Jonah Brown: Poop Raps ‘Mixtape‘]

Th’ Mole, AKA Jonah Brown

Th’ Mole has been busy as usual, recently dropping a couple singles with music videos (“$uper $tarlet $uicide” and “I’m Over Dubstep”), two cover songs (Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies” and Jungle Brothers’ “I’ll House You”), and a mixtape (featuring Mochipet, Udachi, Ice Cube, etc.) for his new alter-ego, Jonah Brown.  Links below.

“$uper $tarlet $uicide” (video):
“I’m Over Dubstep” (video):
“Hey Ladies” (MP3):
“I’ll House You” (MP3):
Jonah Brown – Poop Raps Mixtape (MP3’s):