Mochipet wants to give you his secret Vinyl Stash!

That’s right! Mochipet wants to give you his secret Vinyl Stash! Things are getting heated in the Daly City Records offices here half the pets say The Wiz Khalifa Remix is better and the other say Too Short Remix takes the cake!  We need your help to settle the score! Mochipet just found a stash of secret Vinyl and he’s willing to give one to a winner every other day until we can settle this score.  Help us Re-Post, Re-Tweet, Re-Announce, Re-Pet these Mashups until a true winner is found! We will be picking winners at random every other day until Mochipet is satisfied (and trust me, he’s never satisfied).  You want Vinyl! We got Vinyl, help us settle the score!

To Win, just go to Mochipet’s Soundcloud and click <3 on the track you like best and Don’t Forget to Leave A Comment,  so we know you been there! We will be picking a winner from the Comments!!! 

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Deceptikon – Mythology limited edition 12″ out now!

ARTIST: Deceptikon
TITLE: Mythology of the Metropolis
FORMAT: 12” vinyl
LABEL: Daly City Records / Tokyo Ghost Island
CAT-NO: DCR156 / Tokyo 001
LIMITED: 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl with 11×17 insert poster
RELEASE DATE: 03/08/2011


“Mythology of the Metropolis” is highly anticipated third Deceptikon album, and is easily his most ambitious work to date. The full-length version of “Mythology of the Metropolis” was released digitally on Daly City Records to rave reviews, chart-topping sales, and widespread fan praise. Now, Daly City Records and new upstart label Tokyo Ghost Island have teamed up to press five of the hottest tracks from “Mythology of the Metropolis” on wax. This is a serious collector’s item. The 12” is pressed to a ridiculously limited 300 copies on transparent “coke bottle” blue, with a fold-out 11 x 17 insert poster.

The record is a genre-hopping, bass-heavy, mind-bending 12” of epic proportions, one that is equally suited for the home stereo as well as the dance floor. Heavy analog bass lines, vocals mangled just beyond recognition, vocoded samples, and thumping drums play like a soundtrack to genres that haven’t yet been invented. Created primarily while Deceptikon was living in Japan, “Mythology of the Metropolis” is an extended love letter written to the city of Tokyo, and a reflection of the cacophonous, overwhelming, and intense nature of city life. A critical and underground cult favorite, Deceptikon is an artist to watch in 2011.



A1) Kinyoubi

A2) The Humans Return

A3) Indo Loops

B1) Broken Synthesizers

B2) Copy The Floppy


“Deceptikon is a recent transplant to the Bay Area, and he’s brought with him a new album … an exciting and versatile slice from this upcoming producer.”

XLR8R Magazine

“Mythology of the Metropolis consists of 14 examples of crisp, vibrant, post-Dilla instrumental hiphop, with flashes of pretty IDM melodies and late-’00s bass wobble. (It is) mapping out a fertile field where IDM and dubstep’s textural playfulness and extremity tampers with hiphop’s rhythmic parameters, but without causing fissures in its essential funkiness.”

Seattle Stranger

“You’ll find no shortage of crisp beatsmithing and bleepy melodies bumping through Wright’s future-funk”




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Preorder Deceptikon’s Mythology of the Metropolis 12″ now!

I’m happy to announce that the Mythology of the Metropolis 12″ is now at the pressing plant! The release is strictly limited to 300 copies, is on semi-transparent “coke bottle blue” colored vinyl, and comes with an exclusive 11″ x 17″ poster insert.

Preorder at!

Help Deceptikon press Mythology of the Metropolis on 12″ Vinyl! project page

Deceptikon has teamed up with to press a limited edition Mythology of the Metropolis 12″.

Basically, Kickstarter is a project funding platform. a goal amount ($1500) has been set to cover the costs of pressing 300 12″ records, and we have until July 1st to reach the goal. If you would like to buy a copy of the 12″, simply visit the Kickstarter project page and pledge the lowest amount. If you want to help even more and get some even cooler rewards, there are many options available.

We can do it!