Mochipet “Spark” featuring Mr. Lif Out Today 4/20!




ARTIST:​ Mochipet
TITLE:​ Spark (Featuring Mr. Lif)
LABEL:​ Daly City / Petnation Music
FORMAT:​ Digital
RELEASE DATE:​ 04/20/2015
Mr. Lif Photo by: Amanda Macchia
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Mochipet & Mr. Lif team up to hone their inner “Spark” and explore new grounds on this Bass Heavy Industrial Hip­Hop release reminiscent to that of NIN. David (Aka. Mochipet) shares with us the background “I remember vividly when I started working on this track with my friend Mr Lif because it is the exact time my father began having severe health problems. So much so that it forced him to enter the hospital several times soon after. He was in such bad shape I had to stop touring and take time off from music completely. This was a dark time in my life, I stopped working on music all together, my heart was not in it. But even so I knew I had to do something, so what spare time I had I would slowly work on spark. The lyrics within it resonated with me. “If you envision that light through the dark, through the spirit of the heart better follow that spark” It reminded me that it’s often in times of darkness you need the light the most, and sometimes the only place this can come from is from within. I know this song will mean many different things to many different people, as we are all on different paths; but I hope sharing my journey with you will help you on your own in making that Spark!” Includes Remixes by: Kraddy, AMB, Knight Riderz, Omega, Lamebot, Great Scott, ghostNOTES., and Bionik.


Mochipet on Autonomous Music’s Va-Array Vol. 2

Va-Array Vol 2 (Autonomous Music – Free DL!)

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Translated by Bing

Autonomous Music is the type of projects that should exist in a heap. This organization uses music and performances live from an impressive list of artists as a tool for social change. Art as a hammer that hits the nail of the meanings.

His proposal is specifically political, and if you know even at some of the names of the musicians involved you will see that everything is more than real, that are putting force into a target clear and thus are making an important contribution. The roster is composed by Dj Vadim, Filastine, Quantic, Mochipet, Natasha Kmeto, The Polish Ambassador, Resident Anti-Hero, Octopus Nebula, Ott, Ott & The All-Seeing I, Ill-Esha, Emancipator, Alex B, Anomie Belle, Blietech, Conduits, Cry Wolf, Dr Israel, Etheric Double, Intelepaths, Invisible Allies, Little People, Marley Carroll, Papadosio, Paper Diamond, Paper Tiger, Phutureprimitive, Pnuma Trio, Random Rab, The Great Muandane, The Nadis WarriorsYppah and Unlimited Gravity.

Last November 28 have released their second compilation for so-called free descent “Array Vol 2″, which contains tracks from all of their artists.” As it is logical, because the reason that unites all of these names is not a musical line but an eagerness in common, styles that handles are the most heterogeneous. On this album they may listen to hip hop, house, future step, indie hop, IDM, synth hop, trip hop, dubstep, reggae dub, techno pop and electro. But mysteriously this stylistic explosion runs evenly. The disk draws a journey that will unveil the adventure of track in track.

A very good album with a very good proposal back.”

Mochipet Featured on Cassette Blog

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Vamos a arrancar con toda la fuerza del espíritu africano, ese ser golpeado que indiferente a la afrenta continúa festejando a puro el ritmo y alegría. Que mejor manera de encarar el martes con la reversión de sonidos de África que hacen los The Busy Twist, dúo de UK que produce una peculiar y equilibrada mezcla entre sonidos bass y folklore del continente negro.

Les compartimos “Floor Excitement EP”, su última edición, y el track “Ldn Luanda”, el cual han liberado hace poquito para bajada gratuita.
Ya que estamos revisando la visión electrónica de los ritmos africanos, vamos a visitar a Paris a Dj Mo-Laudi y le robamos de su soundcloud dos tracks buenísimo. El primero, es el remix que hizo de “Yapa”, de Le Pas Sage. Bella pieza melancólica, como la foto de un lugar colorido en el cual todavía el hombre habla con la tierra. Y “Secousse” de Secousse All stars, un kuduro energético como para ponerse a saltar.

Luego cambiamos de latitud, y nos vamos a escuchar la tremenda colaboración que han compuesto Mc Zulu y Mochipet, dos artistas que admiramos. Han llamado ska bass a este extraño estilo que producen en “Year of The Dragon (Ska Rmx)”… y si, puede ser…. la cuestión es que nunca nos hubiéramos imaginado la voz de Mc Zulu sobre un track tan rocker… y ¡menos a Mochipet haciendo esa base! Como sea, festejamos el desprejuicio de estos amigos, por que gracias a ello han producido un track veraniego que va a estar sonando en nuestras cabezas por varios meses.

Miren bien dentro de la info debajo del track (entrando en soundcloud), por que allí hay un link para bajarlo gratis.

Para cerrar dubeando, les compartimos la última edición de Urban World Records, sello de mirada mundial que continua con sus lindas y eclécticas ediciones. Ahora le ha tocado a “Less Corruption Remixes EP” de Love Avalanche feat MC BenJammin. El EP está compuesto por el track original, un regaaaaaaaaazo contundente con aire old school, y varios remixes. Las versiones pasan por varias rítmicas, como digital dancehall, moombahton, champeta, digital dub, dubstep, drum & bass y otras mutaciones. Entre los remixers podrán encontrar nombres de artistas que suenan seguido en Cassette: ACEtone Studio, Bigote, David Superpendejo, Andres Digital, Triplet Trix, DJ Trece y Paul Damerau.

Mochipet Announces Petnation 1st Remix Mochipet is Evil

What is Petnation?
A lot of really talented producers have asked to remix my tunes and but there have never been enough avenues for them to do it through. This is why I am starting Mochipet’s Petnation. Petnation will give up-and-coming producers as well as anyone who Loves Music a chance to remix some Mochipet tunes and get showcased doing it.

How does Petnation Work?
We will be putting remix parts for a new Mochipet Song every month, some unreleased, and some from the back catalog. Producers will get one month to remix the song and then submit it to us via this email Mochipet will personally pick one winner per month to showcase on Daly City Records and promoted via Mochipet’s 20,000+ email list and Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Then Every 3 months Mochipet will pick one of the past winners to do his own solo release on the new label “Petnation” a subsidiary of Daly City Records; through this we will help get your songs into Video Games, Commercials, etc. Then at the end of the Year Mochipet will pick one lucky winner to get flown out and put up to perform for a show of his choice on the new Mochipet Stage that is currently in development.

How do I get started?
Download the Remix Parts below for this Month and start having some fun with it. email it back to us at with the mp3 (320k), short bio, and a photo of yourself. We will be in touch if you are picked as the winner!

Why are you doing this?
Because we really do care about the music.

Q: How do I make a request for remix parts of a specific Mochipet Song?
A: Please email
Q: Do I attach the mp3 or send it via fileshare?
A: It’s up to you but we prefer fileshare in case our mailbox gets too big.
Q: Does it have to be a certain style?
A: NO! you are free to do whatever style you like
Q: Can I post my remix up on my facebook or soundcloud
A: Yes you may certainly can

The Remix Parts for April is off the new release with MCZulu “Mochipet is Evil”

MCZULU & MOCHIPET – Mochipet is Evil (OUT TODAY!) by Mochipet


Listen to the Remixes Here!

Splash My Sound Discoveries: Mochipet & 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep

"Splash My Sound Features Mochipet"A short time ago, France’s hot music blog, Splash My Sound, featured Mochipet on their Decouvertes Electro section for 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep.

The feature touches on everything from the release of “10 Reasons” to “All I Want is Moog Porn for Christmas” and even documents a short bio on Mochi… All in French… So put your Google Translate to work and check out here!




Special Mix by Mochipet Featured Tonight on LIVE105

Tonight LIVE105 will be featuring a special mix by Mochipet at 1am PST – whatever your location, you can check out the station’s Wobble Wednesdays page and click “Listen Now”!


Dub Selekta Podcast 5.0: Mochipet (PETNATION edition)

We’re super stoked to be throwing down this special PETNATION edition mix as part of our Dub Selekta Podcast series. If you’ve been paying attention to our facebook fanpage then you’ll have seen it blowing up with lots to do in relation to the newly resurected monthly in San Francisco that we’re very proud to be apart of; PETNATION.

The first round of PETNATION started out as a series of underground warehouse parties headed by San Fran’s Mochipet. After a brief hiatus, and some time moving from the underground warehouse scene to the more legit venues, PETNATION has been resurrected with a special Hallowe’en party on Oct 30th at Public Works. Headlining the night is one of our faves, Mark Instinct, as he plays alongside Mochipet and DCarls with local residents Slayers Club, Skulltrane, Free Krush, Question, Octopod, Taso and Supplying Demand. To coincide with the newly relaunched monthly, we’ve teamed up with Mochipet and the Daly City Records crew to bring you a special edition podcast rinsing out tunes by artists lined up on the bill!

If you’re not in the San Fran area and won’t be able to make it out to the party, thats ok! We’re all about exposing new and exciting artists here at Dub Selekta so checkout the mix and discover some new tunes or relish in some favourites!

In addition to this new mix, Mochipet also just dropped a new mashup/remix album, 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep, that he’s offered up as a free download. Check out this link for an album of remixes that range from Hip-Hop to Hipster to straight up well.. Def Leppard! Between the stacked tracklisting and the sweet album artwork, this album is worth a peek.

Read More HERE

SF Weekly Mochipet on Wearing His Big Purple Dinosaur Suit, and Playing LovEvolution This Saturday

While many DJs can say they’ve performed alongside dance music icons such as Rusko, Bassnectar, and Mary Anne Hobbs, few can honestly claim that they’ve worn a purple furry dinosaur suit the entire time. Bay Area native Mochipet , who began his career with his well-known album, Girls Love Breakcore, has demonstrated his passion for music through residences in L.A., his founding of Daly City Records, and his collaboration with a 20-piece orchestra that performed his composition “Dessert Search for Techno Baklava” at Carnegie Hall, among other notable venues. He chatted with All Shook Down about breakcore, his favorite mochi flavor, and playing LovEvolution this Saturday.


BWOMP! Mix Series 009: Mochipet + Exclusive Interview

They say good things come to those that wait, and this is definitely worth the wait! Mochipet has delivered to us an exclusive mix set of Mochipet tunes for our readers alongside an interview with our very own Denver-based Tenbucc2. With the new album CHICXULUB released last week on 1320 Records, as well as recent EPs on MalLabel and his own Daly City Records, Mochipet has nowhere to go but up!


Get your own copy of Chicxulub HERE

Bass in the Bay: Mochipet, Minnesota and more!

Selling out shows across the country and enjoying international superstar DJ status, Santa Cruz’ Bassnectar has inspired Bay Area bassheads. Two of the best, Mochipet and Minnesota play Temple in SF this Thursday, June 30 to celebrate Mochipet’s Spacezilla EP, released today. The release also features remixes from Udachi, Minnesota and Konekta.