New Secret Mochipet Collaboration Guess Who?


Hey everyone, I just finished a new collaboration with one my buddies. See if you can guess the producer who helped me make this track. Download the link below. Everyone who guesses will be entered to win the new Grassroots Mochipet Hat, we want to see how good your ears are! Thanks again for all the support. Tons of new music on the way! – Mochi

Download New Mystery Collaboration

Asian American Horror Story From Mochipet


Happy Halloween to all, Mochipet just gifted us a new Halloween Song “American Horror Story vs The Ring.”  We hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out the additional String Arrangement on his Bandcamp. Listen Here and Download Here oooooOOOOO000000


Happy Holidays From Mochipet!


Happy Holidays everyone! For this week’s free download I would like to introduce you to the title track off my new record “Rawr Means I Love You” coming in 2013! I hope you enjoy it, remember to Rawr for the New Years!

And as always more free downloads here:

Beast, An Early Christmas Present From Mochipet!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you are staying warm and having a great end of 2013! Just wanted to give you a little Pre-Christmas Present with a track that took me way too long to finish. Well, it’s finally done and I hope you will enjoy it

as much as I do. So, for this week only, download “Beast” off my new record “Rawr Means I Love You” coming in 2013 on Daly City Records for FREE off my SoundCloud!Click here to get it!

Mochipet on Autonomous Music’s Va-Array Vol. 2

Va-Array Vol 2 (Autonomous Music – Free DL!)

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Translated by Bing

Autonomous Music is the type of projects that should exist in a heap. This organization uses music and performances live from an impressive list of artists as a tool for social change. Art as a hammer that hits the nail of the meanings.

His proposal is specifically political, and if you know even at some of the names of the musicians involved you will see that everything is more than real, that are putting force into a target clear and thus are making an important contribution. The roster is composed by Dj Vadim, Filastine, Quantic, Mochipet, Natasha Kmeto, The Polish Ambassador, Resident Anti-Hero, Octopus Nebula, Ott, Ott & The All-Seeing I, Ill-Esha, Emancipator, Alex B, Anomie Belle, Blietech, Conduits, Cry Wolf, Dr Israel, Etheric Double, Intelepaths, Invisible Allies, Little People, Marley Carroll, Papadosio, Paper Diamond, Paper Tiger, Phutureprimitive, Pnuma Trio, Random Rab, The Great Muandane, The Nadis WarriorsYppah and Unlimited Gravity.

Last November 28 have released their second compilation for so-called free descent “Array Vol 2″, which contains tracks from all of their artists.” As it is logical, because the reason that unites all of these names is not a musical line but an eagerness in common, styles that handles are the most heterogeneous. On this album they may listen to hip hop, house, future step, indie hop, IDM, synth hop, trip hop, dubstep, reggae dub, techno pop and electro. But mysteriously this stylistic explosion runs evenly. The disk draws a journey that will unveil the adventure of track in track.

A very good album with a very good proposal back.”

Happy Bday Tupac Shakur! Free Mochipet Remix “Holler If You Hear Me” Enjoy!

Just a little PolyFunk Remix I did in Honor of Tupac Shakur’s Birthday. Wanted to bring back the Funky Hi-Hat ever so lost in Today’s Bass Music. It will be a free download on here till Monday.. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur (Free Download Till Monday!) by Mochipet

And More Free Mochipet Downloads Here

Mochipet Mashups on NoisePorn..

Solid mashups from hitmaker Mochipet! These were done to prep ya for his next release “Godzilla Rehab Center” coming out on Bombeatz Music. Mashups of Too Short vs. Maguera and Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan. Who will win? Only you can decide. Vote for either Wiz or Too Short by clicking the heart on the track you like better! .. Read More

Mochipet – Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan

Mochipet – Wiz Khalifa vs. Moguera

Mochipet Holiday Free Download – ALL I WANT IS MOOG PORN FOR CHRISTMAS

Happy Holidays from Mochipet and Daly City Records!

We thank you for all the love and support so we just wanted to give a free download as a present! This track Moogporn is a Mochipet favorite originally from our first compilation released in 2006 called “Baby Godzilla” If you like it please check out other tracks form the album from artists such as: edIT (GlitchMob), Daedelus (Ninjatune), Mochipet (Freestyle Fellowship), Spaceheater (JazzMafia) and Skateboarder Ray Barbee (Powell Peralta)



New Free Mochipet Release from Japan!

From U.S.A…Legendary label by Macninedrum named “MERCK” , he showed preeminent presence there. He has the capability made to Glitchhop ~ Breakcore based on the element of HIPHOP. WobbleBASS shakes a scene and serves as a big conversion axis these days. It is RAZER BASS which evolved and refined Wobble further. He makes HEADS in the world dance using Razerbass. He is an important person whom the world observes. His name is Mochipet!!! Vol.4 records release his EP!!!

If his sound is heard, you can understand RAZERBASS,interesting sound,Enjoy!!!


Hello My Name is Mochipet (Free Download) Available on STS9’s 1320 Records

Mochipet is putting new release of all original material next month on 1320 Records titled “Chicxulub” but I know some of you can’t wait that long so in the meantime 1320 has a FREE Mochipet compilation title “Hello My Name is Mochipet” for you now to download! So Enjoy the free download and look for “Chicxulub” coming out next month on 1320 Records!

Download “Hello My Name is Mochipet” Free Album Here!
* Note: When you click on the BUY ALBUM MP3 link it will add it to your shopping cart up right top, you’ll have to check out to receive the album.


Moogporn (4:44)
Memories (4:16)