Mochipet On Tour With STS9 in November

STS9’s Fall Tour begins this Friday and the supporting cast has been announced!The band will be joined by an assortment of talented 1320 Records artists Archnemisis, Little People, Polish Ambassador, Mochipet and more!

Mochipet will be joining STS9 on the following dates:

11.02.11 – The Lyric – Oxford, MS
11.03.11 – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
11.04.11 – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
11.05.11 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX

For more dates and ticket info clickHERE

Mochipet, Kraddy, and Polish Amabssador at King Plow!

Welcome to the Future from Terminal West at King Plow on Vimeo.


Check out footage of Mochipet, Kraddy and Polish Ambassador from their performance at The Full Moon Mashup at King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA in this video directed by Kyle Dettman. The soundtrack to the video is Mochipet’s “Dionysus’ Synthony” from recently released Chicxulub on 1320 Records.

The video is a part of a promo for Terminal West at King Plow.

“Opening in 2012, a 7,000 square feet music and special events venue in historic west midtown of Atlanta at the King Plow Arts Center. An extensive renovation to a 100 year old iron and steel foundry originally used to manufacture plows as a part of the King Plow Company. Featuring high end lighting and sound, leading-edge air conditioning units, and an outdoor roof deck overlooking the historic train tracks of West Atlanta. The home of friendly staff and unforgettable nights of music, this is Terminal West.”

For more info, check out

New Track! The Bins – Inspiration Featuring Big Sole (Mochipet’s Wormhole Generator Backpack Remix)

The Bins – Inspiration Featuring Big Sole (Mochipet’s Wormhole Generator Backpack Remix) by Mochipet

A Remix for The Bins Single “Inspiration” Featuring Big Sole from Anticon. I switched up the tempo (115bpm) and formula on this one. I wanted to do something with big bass that I could play out but still a little bit on the weird side. I wanted to bring back some of the mid-tempo jamz that seems to be missing so much in today’s heavy Dubstep and New Electro Songs. Added a little bit of old school 808 electro to top it off. I hope you guys like it. -mochi

Sub-Radar Album Radar: Mochipet – Chicxulub

Fresh off of 1320 Records (Eliot Lipp, Alex B, Emancipator and other amazing artists that will eventually have a feature here) comes Mochipet’s latest glitch-funk audio fest, groovy, messy and cheeky…Mochipet is one of the best-known Taiwanese producers out there, and has collabs to the moon and back with everyone from hip hop MC’s to techno producers, but this album seems to be a return to his avant-garde electronic hip hop roots. Only 8 tracks, but definitely 8 tracks worthy of being on 1320 Records.

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Mochipet and Polish Ambassador 1320Records Tour!

Aug 25, 2011 – San Francisco, CA @ Club 525 BASS CURE w/ NiT GriT**

Aug 31, 2011 – Sep 3, 2011 @ Burning Man >**

Sep 4, 2011 – Pioneer, CA @ Sopiago Springs Resort Loveseed **

Sep 8, 2011 – Asheville, NC @ The One Stop **

Sep 9, 2011 – Atlanta, GA @ King Plow Arts Center w/ Kraddy

Sep 10, 2011 – Charleston, SC @ Charleston Pour House

Sep 14, 2011 – Durango, CO @ The Abbey Theatre **

Sep 15, 2011 – Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theatre

Sep 16, 2011 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall

Sep 17, 2011 – Flagstaff, AZ @ Green

Sep 24, 2011 – Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena Lovevolution **

Sep 29, 2011 – St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House

Sep 30, 2011 – Columbia, MO @ Mojo’s

Oct 1, 2011 – Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck

Oct 7, 2011 – Portland, OR @ Holocene


BWOMP! Mix Series 009: Mochipet + Exclusive Interview

They say good things come to those that wait, and this is definitely worth the wait! Mochipet has delivered to us an exclusive mix set of Mochipet tunes for our readers alongside an interview with our very own Denver-based Tenbucc2. With the new album CHICXULUB released last week on 1320 Records, as well as recent EPs on MalLabel and his own Daly City Records, Mochipet has nowhere to go but up!


Get your own copy of Chicxulub HERE

Groovemine Review: Mochipet-Chicxulub

I like albums with audacious concepts. Often, though, the music itself is boring, the concept simply serving as a crutch. When I first heard the newest offering by Mochipet (Taiwan-born David Wang), I had no idea that it was a concept album — and I liked it. My point being that good concept albums don’t ever live in the shadow of their concepts: the music is simply enriched by an understanding of the artist’s singular intentions. And in this case, they’re quite singular: Chicxulub, as the press release states, “is the soundtrack for an animated novel in which the Dinosaurs make their way through the impact of the comet believed to have destroyed them.”

Chronology is kind of a funny thing. If I had read that ridiculous description before my maiden voyage with the album, the music would definitely have disappointed me. The bombastic concept would have completely drowned out the music, I’m sure. But because I read it after listening to the album, everything instead clicked into place, and all of the elements of the music that I liked made more sense, giving the album a level of narrative depth of which I was previously unaware, appreciative as I was of the record’s epic synth textures. Suddenly the album’s scope, its plodding glitch-hop and huge synths, became panoramic.


Get your own copy of Chicxulub HERE

Mochipet “Chicxulub” Grassroots Hat Contest Winner Picked!

To celebrate the release of Mochipet’s new record “Chicxulub” which came out on STS9’s 1320 Records 8/16, he chose to give one lucky fan a chance to win a Mochipet Grassroots hat before they go on sale to the public. All the fan had to do was help spread the word about “Chicxulub” and repost the preview track available for download from soundcloud on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and anywhere else on the net. After scouring the internet to see who had been helping a winner was picked at random. Big congratulations to Malarie Raquel and thanks to everyone else who helped spread the word on Mochipet’s “Chicxulub”!


Mochipet – Chicxulub Preview Mix (OUT 8/16 on 1320 Records) by Mochipet


Buy Mochipet “Chicxulub” Here!


Mochipet’s “Chicxulub” out on 1320 Records today!

The wait is over! ‘Chicxulub’ is now available for purchase-GET IT NOW!

Mochipet’s latest release on 1320 Records ‘Chicxulub’, is the soundtrack for an animated novel in which the Dinosaurs make their way through the impact of the comet believed to have destroyed them. The album starts off with a highly compressed glitch-hop bass number ‘Dinosaur Anthems’ signaling the dark that is arriving along to where ‘Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt’ guides you through Fraggle Rawk-style landscapes in search of the young that are left to live on. The Dinosaurs eventually leave the planet, taking off in their ‘Pterodactyl Spaceship’ to new undiscovered lands. But they do not make it out easily; there are a number of alien life forms that have invaded in ‘The Battle of Dinotropolis’ (Featuring Ben Samples). With everything destroyed all that is left are ‘Fossils’ and our prehistoric creatures are left to find ‘A Home Away From Home.’ So ‘Ghost Ride The Ark’ to Outer Space we go! Whether our Dino friends make it to their new homes is unsure as ‘I Really Don’t Think We Are Ok ACE.’ The Saga is To Be Continued…

01) Dinosaur Anthems
02) Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt
03) Pterodactyl Spaceship
04) The Battle of Dinotropolis (Featuring Ben Samples)
05) Fossils
06) A Home Away From Home
07) Ghost Ride the Ark
08) I Really Don’ Think We Are Ok ACE

Mochipet “Chicxulub” Grassroots Hat Contest

Good news! For all those that have been waiting for Mochipet Grassroots Hats to come in we are happy to announce that there are finally here! And to celebrate the release of Mochipet’s new record “Chicxulub” out 8/16 on STS9’s 1320 Records we are giving away a hat to one lucky winner before you can even buy them online! That’s right get your own custom fitted Mochipet Grassroots hat before they even come out! To enter the contest it is very simple, just re-post this preview of “Chicxulub” on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, pretty much anything on the internet! We will be scouring the web the next few days to pick one random winner on 8/16 who has re-posted this link! Thank you for all the Mochipet support and love we have received, it is greatly appreciated!

Re-post this link:

Mochipet – Chicxulub Preview Mix (OUT 8/16 on 1320 Records) by Mochipet