Mochipet “Spark” featuring Mr. Lif Out Today 4/20!




ARTIST:​ Mochipet
TITLE:​ Spark (Featuring Mr. Lif)
LABEL:​ Daly City / Petnation Music
FORMAT:​ Digital
RELEASE DATE:​ 04/20/2015
Mr. Lif Photo by: Amanda Macchia
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Mochipet & Mr. Lif team up to hone their inner “Spark” and explore new grounds on this Bass Heavy Industrial Hip­Hop release reminiscent to that of NIN. David (Aka. Mochipet) shares with us the background “I remember vividly when I started working on this track with my friend Mr Lif because it is the exact time my father began having severe health problems. So much so that it forced him to enter the hospital several times soon after. He was in such bad shape I had to stop touring and take time off from music completely. This was a dark time in my life, I stopped working on music all together, my heart was not in it. But even so I knew I had to do something, so what spare time I had I would slowly work on spark. The lyrics within it resonated with me. “If you envision that light through the dark, through the spirit of the heart better follow that spark” It reminded me that it’s often in times of darkness you need the light the most, and sometimes the only place this can come from is from within. I know this song will mean many different things to many different people, as we are all on different paths; but I hope sharing my journey with you will help you on your own in making that Spark!” Includes Remixes by: Kraddy, AMB, Knight Riderz, Omega, Lamebot, Great Scott, ghostNOTES., and Bionik. Premieres Mochipet’s Remix of Kraddy’s “No One Saves Us But Ourselves”


Mochipet and Kraddy are at it again remixing each other. You may remember the 2009 remix of “Godzilla Porn” and “Marshall Bass Stacks.” Now it seems they have grown up a bit with “No One Saves Us But Ourselves” and “Spark (not yet released).”  Whatever the case, they are always monster remixes and great pieces of music. Don’t forget to check out the amazing Samsara Baraka Re-edited Video by Karen Wei it adds a whole new dimension to the song! And Yes! of course it for free download, did we even need to say it? Enjoy! Big Thanks to for Premiering This! 




Mochipet, Kraddy, and Polish Amabssador at King Plow!

Welcome to the Future from Terminal West at King Plow on Vimeo.


Check out footage of Mochipet, Kraddy and Polish Ambassador from their performance at The Full Moon Mashup at King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA in this video directed by Kyle Dettman. The soundtrack to the video is Mochipet’s “Dionysus’ Synthony” from recently released Chicxulub on 1320 Records.

The video is a part of a promo for Terminal West at King Plow.

“Opening in 2012, a 7,000 square feet music and special events venue in historic west midtown of Atlanta at the King Plow Arts Center. An extensive renovation to a 100 year old iron and steel foundry originally used to manufacture plows as a part of the King Plow Company. Featuring high end lighting and sound, leading-edge air conditioning units, and an outdoor roof deck overlooking the historic train tracks of West Atlanta. The home of friendly staff and unforgettable nights of music, this is Terminal West.”

For more info, check out

Win a Bus Ride or free 12″ Vinyl with Mochipet & Kraddy Contest!

Win a Bus Ride or free 12″ Vinyl with Mochipet & Kraddy Contest!

Ok ya’ll, are you ready for this one? So I am playing with Kraddy this Friday Euphoric Styles presents “EUPHORIC RELEASE” in Santa Cruz at The Catalyst and we are taking the Petnation Bus down there from San Francisco! This is your chance to win 2 tickets to the show as well as a free bus ride down! Are you game? To enter just repost this or click like. I will also giveaway a 12″ vinyl so even if you can’t go on the bus you can still win the Vinyl! So please like and repost thank you!

Mochipet – Dessert Search for Mike Jone’s Commodore 64! on White Label (Free Download!) by Mochipet

Slector Science
Drop Bear

Doors Open @ 8:30, music begins @ 8:30.
18+, $20 early bird special, $25 at the door!

The Catalyst

1011 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

Get your tickets here!

Metropolis Video By MODA Graphik

Check out David Rose’s Video for Mochipet’s Remix of Kraddy’s Android Godzilla Porn!

Metropolis | MODA Graphik | Mochipet from David Rose on Vimeo.

Official video for Mochipet’s Godzillaporn Remix for “Android Porn” by Kraddy

This is the official video for Mochipet’s Godzillaporn Remix for “Android Porn” by Kraddy.

The video was directed and animated by Muscle Beaver:

An extended version of the track is featured on the release “Android Porn Remixes” which is available digitally and as a vinyl 12″. More info here:…

For more information on Mochipet, Kraddy & Equinox Records please check:

Click here to watch!

Mochipet Remixes, Joker, Starkey, and more in the new Sub Swara Podcast!

…And we’re back! With Podcasts 009, that is, brought to you this time by yours truly (Dhruva). The track list is below and this one is all about some fresh, new forward hip hop, dancehall and dubstep leanings (not too surprising given that that’s the way we tend to lean) from some of our favorite producers around the globe. You can get the podcast via Feedburner, iTunes or if you’re of the audiophile sort, you can download the podcast in full res audio below.

Track List
1. Kraddy – Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
2. Heyoka – Micron
3. ??- Fair and Lovely Riddim
4. South Rakkas Crew – Holiday (Titles Riddim)
5. Mochipet – Alien Crunk Dub – (Audiovoid Remix)
6. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (Sub Swara Remix)
7. Breakage – Higher
8. Nuphlo – Homeland Insecurity
9. Joker – City Hopper
10. XI – Superwhatever
11. Starkey – Ok Luv
12. D1 – Jus Business
13. Syndaesia – Walk Away (Widdler Remix)

Mochipet Remixes Android Porn into Android Godzilla Porn!


Mochipet Remixes Kraddy’s Android Porn into his own Android Godzilla Porn Epic Madness! Look for it soon on !!!!!!!!

Master P on Atari Transformed (The Remixes) OUT NOW!


OUT NOW! Master P on Atari Transformed The Remixes. Going World Wide 02/02/2010!

ARTIST: Mochipet
TITLE: Master P on Atari Transformed Volume 1
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 02/02/2010

Master P on Atari Transformed Vol.1 sets the stage for a futuristic-in- your- face- you -betta -be- paying -attention robot sizzle meltdown. Master P Transformed travels beyond bassy and spacy with plenty of glitched out lazers locked full on the dancefloor. The remixes have elements of Glitch, Hip Hop, and Electro, but it is still David Y. Wang, AKA Mochipet guiding the way beneath it all.Track 01 John Coltrane on Atari is exceptional, an acoustic down and dirty tussle. Track 02 comes from the reknowned Kraddy, a money-back guaranteed dance party banger. Newcomer to Daly City Records, Deceptikon / Zack Wright works his magic on Track 11 Master P on Chords and Coffee, its like gifting you with the perfect espresso martini buzz.This is a remix record that really gives the original Master P on Atari its fair due while allowing each artist to contribute their own distinct and original touch. Also keep an eye out for Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2, released early 2010, with remixes by Jacob London, The Flying Skulls, Preshih Moments, Spltium, Encarti, Layerz, and more.

*Also included in this release is the complete Remix Parts for the tracks: Master P on Atari, Turbo Thizz Petnation, and Robot Crunk Juice off of Mochipet’s Master P on Atari Release earlier this year. This is a special bundle for all you music producers out there.

1. John Coltrane on Atari (Daniel Day Trio Remix)
2. Marshall Bass Smacks (Kraddy Remix)
3. Robot Dunk Juice (ill.gates vs. Little John Remix)
4. Master P on Obe One Kenobi (Matt B Remix)
5. Master P on Versace (Memory 9 Remix)
6. Vermin Bass Stacks (Vinyl Blight Remix)
7. Anticon on Atari (Restiform Bodies Remix)
8. Robot Basslab Juice (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Remix)
9. Alien Crunk Dub (Audiovoid Remix)
10. Complex Cumbia Dub (Sub Swara Remix)
11. Master P on Chords and Coffee (Deceptikon Remix)
12. Remix Parts – Master P on Atari Drums (88bpm)
13. Remix Parts – Master P on Atari Lazers (88bpm)
14. Remix Parts – Master P on Atari Bass (88bpm)
15. Remix Parts – Master P on Atari Vocals (88bpm)
16. Remix Parts – Turbo Thizz Petnation Drums (90bpm)
17. Remix Parts – Turbo Thizz Petnation Lazers (90bpm)
18. Remix Parts – Turbo Thizz Petnation Hi-Hats (90bpm)
19. Remix Parts – Turbo Thizz Petnation Bass (90bpm)
20. Remix Parts – Robot Crunk Juice Drums (90bpm)
21. Remix Parts – Robot Crunk Juice Bass (90bpm)
22. Remix Parts – Robot Crunk Juice Keys (90bpm)


New Mix With Mochipet, Mochipet, Akira Kiteshi, Ghislain Poirier, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Busy P, Milanese, Landstrumm, Diplo, Joker, more by NIC


Heavy, eclectic mix of electronic glitch hop breaks spiced up with bass heavy dubstep and a few other styles by an artist called NIC. It’s quite funny as the term “nic” in Polish means “nothing” and as it turns out I practically know nothing about this artist, apart from the fact that he/they is/are probably from Australia and definitely knows how to cook a delicious music meal. I’ve even forgot where I found this quality music. Whatever, enjoy the ride.
Mochipet, Akira Kiteshi, Ghislain Poirier, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Busy P, Milanese, Landstrumm, Diplo, Joker plus remixes by Two Fingers, Megasoid, Si Begg, Kraddy – what else can you expect from a good mix. Absolutely amazing selection of midtempo vibes yet very moving, uplifting and full of raw energy. Intelligent glitch break beat music!

Nic – Moar Moar mix (direct download)

Fulgeance – Tita Lima Esquizofrevo (Luv n Hate remix)

Frank n Dank – All seasons
Oliverdaysoul – Brain
Heralds of Change – Be out there ft Oddisee & Trek Life

Lukid – Fall apart
Neil Landstrumm – Godfathers 560
Dorian Concept – The fucking formula
Busy P – To protect and entertain (Mr. Oizo remix)
Diplo – Smash a Kangaroo (instrumental)
Kelis – Bossy (Two Fingers remix)
Zion and I – Lift me up (Traxamillion remix)
Mochipet – Tangle ft. Epcot
Ghislain Poirier – No more blood (Megasoid edit)
Ben Mono – Don’t stop
Tolcha & Soom T – Send dem kids to war (Eva B remix)
Milanese – Caramel Cognac
Jahcoozi – Who (Kraddy remix)
Hint – At the dance Sway – What you know (instrumental)
Jahcoozi – Jah C DC
Chaim – Africomania
Little Nobody – We call it crack house (Si Begg remix)
Modeselektor – Dancing Box ft TTC
Meat Katie – Stop the revolution ft Odissi (Bassbin Twins remix)
Joker – Digidesign
Spank Rock – Bump (Liver remix)
Tipper – Swipe Dub
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Reso – Smash yer face In