Mochipet will be playing @DEFCON in Las Vegas, July 2012


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Exciting news that is first in a series of many! DEF CON is officially announcing some big musical guests this year, the first of whom is breakcore/glitch/hip-hop all-star Mochipet! You’ll be able to catch him at the DEF CON 20 official opening Thursday night pool party!

Here are a few examples of Mochipet in action:

Whomp-a-saurus Sex

Mochipet Godzilla New Year Video by Savage Henry

A Milli Girls – Mochipet (pseudo-NSFW)

San Francisco Artist Mochipet Bounces Back from Gear Theft With Support of Fans

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1) Tracking  Software (these track your laptop in case it is stolen)
– Project Prey (free)    – Lojack  – Apple iCloud (will track your Mac)

2) Always keep a copy of your Serial Number so you can report to police

3) Always report your stolen laptop to the police department. (if you bought your computer with a credit card come companies will give you money back if it is stolen)

When, a few week ago, San Francisco electronic music artist Mochipet’s laptop was stolen during his ongoing Pet Your Godzilla Tour 2012 while in New Orleans he did two things. First, he warned other artists who use their laptops for their music of what precautions to take in
case of a similar theft. This he did by posting online the list that is republished above here. Secondly he set about trying to raise some funds towards purchasing a replacement laptop by going online and seeking donations in exchange for new tracks of his music. The response was even better than anticipated which greatly pleased the artist born David Wangwhose laptop is more than simply a device to send emails and update blogs etc. Rather Mochipet’s laptop is one of his main musical instruments. It is also his mobile recording studio, and where he stores a lot of his music and music on his label, Daly City Records.Hence it is an integral part of his career and life.

Mochipet said that, “My friend Grazsuggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 track collection of my work.” This he did and less then a week after he posted this offer, fans rallied and spread the word and ultimately raised enough money to buy him a new MacBook Pro. “I never thought I could raise the money in just less then a week. My hope was to just spread awareness to other musicians and gear being stolen from shows, and on tours,” said Mochipet noting how, “Believe it or not, after everyone takes their cut, we don’t make that much money as an underground artist. Everyone doing this is just doing for the music and when people come and steal your stuff it really puts a negative feeling to the whole purpose of music, which I feel is to uplift people.” Mochipet added that he is still seeking his old laptop and asks anyone (especially in LA area) if they see it (description below) to contact him at and for general info visit Daly City Records website.

Mochipet’s Laptop Specs: MacBookPro 15″ Dark Purple Hardshell Speck case Ableton
Live Gel Keyboard Cover Serial # C02FG82ADF91 & Part # Z0M1000BQ


Mochipet Fans Come Through After His Laptop is Stolen in New Orleans

THE BAD NEWS: A few week ago Mochipet’s Laptop was stolen in New Orleans on tour. From the artist: “Hello all! I have some bad news to report. While I was on tour last week in New Orleans someone went into my bag and Stole My Laptop. I am trying to raise funds for a new laptop as it’s a integral part of my work and life. My friend Graz suggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 Track collection of my work…Less then a week after David posted this Mochipet fans rallied and spread the word raising enough to buy him a new MacBook Pro. Now David is back on track and ready to make beats for you all again and he wanted to thank his fans personally.

THE GOOD NEWS: “I can’t thank everyone enough. I never thought I could raise the money in just less then a week. My hope was to just spread awareness to other musicians and gear being stolen from shows, and on tours. Believe it or not, after everyone takes their cut, we don’t make that much money as an underground artist. Everyone doing this is just doing for the music and when people come and steal your stuff it really puts a negative feeling to the whole purpose of music, which I feel is to uplift people. I pretty much work all week and play shows on the weekends so I have no social life, but I do it because I love music. To have the fans give back like this really solidifies my purpose, it really makes me feel good about making music again, and I am really grateful for that!” – mochi

If you read this and have any info about Mochipet’s missing laptop please contact him at

Mochipet’s Laptop:
MacBookPro 15″
Dark Purple Hardshell Speck case
Ableton Live Gel Keyboard Cover
Serial # C02FG82ADF91
Part # Z0M1000BQ

1) Tracking  Software (these track your laptop in case it is stolen)
– Project Prey (free)
– Lojack
– Apple iCloud (will track your Mac)
2) Always keep a copy of your Serial Number so you can report to police
3) Always report your stolen laptop to the police department. (if you bought your computer with a credit card come companies will give you money back if it is stolen)

P.S. – Yes that is the new sample of the Mochipet Limited Edition Grassroots Hat you see on the left there! I just got it in the mail.. coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who donated <3
Adam bosley, Alexander Clark, Alexander Donin, Andrew Highland, Andrew Lewis, andy
lindemann, Attila Kovacs, Benjamin Anderson, bequignon olivier, Bonnie Barrilleaux,
brandon helke, Brandon LaSan, brett milford, Caleb Johnson, chad dever, Christopher
Deakin, clarence hall, Cole Johnston, component records, Daniel Meier, Derrik Sakima,
Devin Saunders, Dj Digital, Doctype Beats, don r irwin, doug kaufman, Erica Noles, Evolve
Media Production, Fabien Moreira, Form B Music LLC, François Roland, Friendly
Integration LLC, George Logan, Greg Paul, HiFi-Friends, James Park, Jami Brierley, Jared
Lindo, Jasen Coburn, Jason Moss, Jeff Doane, Jeremiah Smith, Jesse Cohn, Jessica Cail, Jessica
Dangelmaier, Jim Andersen, Jimmy Lin, John Langan, john nash, Jonathan Broome, jordan
buttry, Jose Cintron, joseph chang, Joseph Goldsworthy, Josh Sanderlin, Joshu Doherty,
Joshua Franck, Joshua Sarlo, Julie Melen, Julien Bier, justin morales, LeeAnn Cook, Leo
Cheng, Lionel Rouge, Luke Everson, luke reddington, Magical Bass, Manju Varghese, Manuel
C. Marquez, Markkus Rovito, matias bettinsoli, Matt Boksa, Matthew Rankin, matthew
smullen, Matthew Zipkin, michael gianotti, michele kaplan, Mike Lardy, Mikkel Munch
Mortensen, Nathan Vincent, Nick Baltar, Nicole Aptekar, NVR-NDR, oleg tutunnikov, Orman
J Walters III, Otium Industries, P MORGAN, Paul Tyler, Pawel Pietryka, Peter Farr, Peter
Gutierrez, Project Rooster, PWR Worldwide LLC, Rafrica Adams, Ramsay Devereux, Richard
Nunez, Richard Witty, Rowan Kastner, Rya Kirby, Ryan Mcallister, Rylie Hayes, Sean Glenn,
seurgi lee, Shannon Brusca, simon begg, stephen adams, Steven Betel, Steven Smith, Steven
Toth, Taylor Callahan, Thomas Lockwood, timothy johnson, Tyler Erlandson, U-Smoke,
Venecia Ramirez, Warren Georgia, william b hein, YUMI HEMMI, zachary williams

The Daily Dread: Mochipet & MC Zulu – “To The East”

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MCZULU & MOCHIPET – To The East (Free Download) from Mochipet is Evil by Mochipet

Earlier today, Mochipet & MC Zulu offered up a free download of a track from the pair’s forthcoming collaborative LP, Mochipet Is Evil – a joint release slated for release on April 3rd through Mochi’s Daly City Records.

This track has me salivating to hear the rest of the album, as it sees Mochipet’s production on a bit more of a tropical funky vibe, even incorporating Eastern melodies as the name would suggest – as opposed to the glitchier beats he’s become known for.  This single is said to include remixes from Freddy ToddHellfire MachinaSkulltraneBD1982and BC’s own Yan Zombie & Jay Wikid – in fact, Yan’s remix of the title track “Mochipet Is Evil” can be previewed now.

Mochipet is based in California, and is out on his “Pet Your Godzilla” tour throughout the states this month – you may have heard about him having his MacBook stolen from a gig in New Orleans a couple weeks back, and in hopes of recouping costs to purchase another, he has posted up a 26-track album for purchase on his bandcamp page, including his newest track, “You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can’t Steal My Swing.”  Keep up with Mochi on his websitesoundcloudfacebook, & twitter.

MC Zulu is a Panama-native, now Chicago-based vocalist & musician with a wealth of material dating back over ten years ago, having worked with producers such as Poirier,DJ CKush Arora & Chrissy Murderbot.  Late last year he released the full length Electro Track Therapy to positive reviews, containing personal favorites such as the Poirier-produced “Call Red Alert” and “Outlaw Speakerbox,” on a riddim crafted by Brazilian producer/DJ Maga Bo.  The album is available here on Juno or here on Beatport.  He runs an excellent blog, hosted within his website, and as well as a very active facebook fanpage, you can also catch him on twitter, or check out the wealth of original music on his soundcloud.

To mark the release of their new LP, there will be a huge release party in San Francisco tonight (March 9th), with a slew of special guests – check the details here.  Here in BC, we are planning on having our own set of album release parties, including a date here in Vancouver on Friday April 20th at W2 alongside Cyphanex badman Yan Zombie and another show the following night in Nelson at the Spiritbar.  Keep your eyes peeled for full party info once its been released!

Vancouver, BC

W2 Media Cafe
April 20, 2012 – 9:00 pm
w/ MC Zulu & Yan Zombie
111 West Hastings. St
Vancouver, BC

Nelson, BC

Spirit Bar
April 21, 2012 – 8:00 pm
w/ MC Zulu & Yan Zombie
422 Vernon St.
Nelson, BC

Mochipet Remixes Kid606 (Tigerbeat6/Berlin)

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Ejaculazer Tag: A big 80 bpm blast of shiny synthesizer funk influenced in equal parts by Dr. Dre, Daft Punk, and Vangelis.

Mochipet brings an epic remix that makes the original sound small in comparison with sweeping strings and a soaring angelic vocal chorus.

We call it life: another 80 bpm Sci-fi hip hop jam, but dark and brooding with a more dirty south crunk influence.

Ejaculazer Tag 160bpm club remix: High power 160 bpm hyped up
juke styled remix.

Cartoon funk: this one is just plain freaky and weird like someone spilled cough syrup in your 808 and it had a mind of its own.

Ejaculazer Tag – Joe Lentini Dub: New Schematic artist Joe Lentini shows another side of his incredibly diverse style with this thick and contemplative smoothjam.

Let’s Get Radioactive – Kanji Kinetic remix: Mutantbass Mastermind and the UK’s most underrated producer makes a fun and nasty hardcore crowdpleaser out of Kid606’s delusional song about aliens and nuclear energy.

Cover art by Dj Zhao

Artist: Kid606
Album Title: Ejaculazer Tag EP
Catalogue Number: meow187
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: March 26th, 2012
Format: digital EP
Label Contact:



1. Ejaculazer Tag
2. Ejaculazer Tag – Mochipet remix
3. We Call It Life
4. Ejaculazer Tag – 160bpm club remix
5. Cartooon Funk
6. Ejaculazer Tag – Joe Lentini Dub
7. Let’s Get Radioactive – Kanji Kinetic remix

MCZulu & Mochipet – This Friday 3/9 @ICON Ultra Lounge SF

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Performing in a purple dinosaur suit isn’t Mochipet’s only claim to fame — he also occasionally spins real vinyl, collaborates with local jazz ensembles (like The Evan Francis Group, formerly Spaceheater), and creates mashups from bands that are more similar in moniker than they are in tone (e.g., Cash Money Millionaires and Johnny Cash). Also, he knows his music history: The turntablist formerly known as David Wang used to have his own three-hour show on San Mateo’s KCSM, one in a small handful of extant non-commercial jazz stations. Such disparate influences are unusual for a DJ, even in the progressive Bay Area, and it’s no wonder that Mochipet is such a rousing success. Perhaps the biggest testament to his stature as an artist was a 2008 concert at Carnegie Hall, during which a twenty-piece orchestra played Stefan Freund’s arrangement of the Mochipet piece, “Dessert Search for Techno Baklava.” This week Mochipet will unveil a new album, Mochipet Is Evil, which he produced in collaboration with dancehall vocalist MC Zulu. They’ll celebrate with a cast of several other DJs on Friday, Mar. 9, at ICON Ultra Lounge (1192 Folsom St., San Francisco). 9 p.m., $10.

— Rachel Swan

Mochipet’s Laptop Was Stolen on Tour in New Orleans Sunday, Please Help Spread the Word!

Hello all! I have some bad news to report. While I was on tour last week in New Orleans someone went into my bag and Stole My Laptop. I am trying to raise funds for a new laptop as it’s a integral part of my work and life. My friend Graz suggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 Track collection of my work that people have said they enjoyed in the past with a Brand New Unreleased Track (You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can’t Steal My Swing) that I made right before going to New Orleans.  So Please download and enjoy the music and give what you can.  If you can’t give, that’s OK too, just spread the word cause there is a chance the laptop could still turn up (see below)Feel free to download the tunes, as I find the best release for something stolen from you sometimes is to give something away you own… xoxo mochi


Info on the stolen laptop is below if you have any information in regards to it please contact me at

My Post from Facebook:
“So someone went into my bag last night and stole my laptop from the Dragons Den in New Orleans. If you have any idea about the whereabouts I will offer a reward more then the value if the laptop. I have 4 more shows to play this week and songs that I can’t get bk. It was a 15″ MacBook Pro with a purple hard shell case and a Ableton Live gel keyboard cover on it.Please help me Repost & spread the word to your friends”

Mochipet’s Stolen MacBookPro 15″:
Serial # C02FG82ADF91
Part # Z0M1000BQ

Musicians please help watch out for each others equipment. It’s not good for anyone when gear is stolen and the $ is never worth as much the content that is on the computer from the person you stole it from!

You can Donate and download the release below on Bandcamp or send it directly to David ( via Paypal. Thank you for the support! This is how we get by!

MCZULU + MOCHIPET Album Release Party plus VERY special guests!

Friday, March 9, 2012 | 9:00pm until 4:00am


Legendary MC Zulu will be joining SF’s very own bass droppin’ master, Mochipet for one RAGER of a party on Friday March 9th to celebrate the release of their upcoming album, “Mochipet is Evil” coming out on Daly City Records!

**MOCHIPET** (Daly City)
Born in Taiwan to a rocket scientist father and kindergarten teacher mother, David Y Wang aka Mochipet’s music has traveled the globe from Europe to Asia and everything in between. With many overseas and US tours his music has been featured in Videos Games with the Beastie Boys as well as performed by a 20-piece orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall. David sees no boundaries in music, which is why he has worked with everyone from Professional Skateboarder Ray Barbee, to Techno Queen Ellen Allien, Jazz drummer Weasel Walter, of The Flying Luttenbachers, and Mashup DJ Z-Trip. Recently you may have heard his songs dropped by DJs such as Bassnectar. He just finished a tour with Sound Tribe Sector 9 and is currently in the studio working on his new release “Rawr Means I Love You” Due out in 2012!

**MC ZULU** (Chicago)
MC ZULU does not make reggae in the traditional sense. His unique blend of electro bass grooves and Caribbean style dancehall vocals creates a new form of dancehall reggae from the outer reaches of space. -URB Magazine

Kush Arora has been sculpting sound in San Francisco and beyond for the past decade. He has branded his own signature imprint on bass driven music. All shades of Dub, Garage,Dancehall,and Indo-Caribbean influences merge into the unique genre known worldwide as Dread Bass. Intelligent yet driving, cultural and simultaneously resistant, the tunes walk the balance between the club and the studio, keeping motion in mind.With these futuristic stylings, Kush wears many hats all rooted in Dub and Electronica. These influences can be heard throughout his diverse,10-record discography.

Former Detroiter, now residing in San Francisco.This girl def knows her Dub and will definitely keep your feet moving and your head bobbin. If you missed her before, this is your chance to see this girl move the crowd. The Bay Area is toying with disaster by laying on a huge fault line with talent such as SKULLTRANE producing her jawdropping dubstep with MalLabel Music and her own label Cutty Dubs. Come plunge in to the bass of this talented female who is on fire right now! You’ll be able to say you saw her before she becomes a household name as one of best dubstep female producers, which will be in the very near future.

**DJ SEP**
DJ Sep is the founder, promoter, and main resident dj at Dub Mission, one of the longest running dub & reggae parties in the U.S., possibly the world. A weekly Sunday night party based in San Francisco, Dub Mission presents cutting-edge dub, roots reggae, dancehall, and dubstep, and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2011. Dub Mission has featured artists from all over the world, including The Scientist, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, and Twilight Circus Dub Sound System to name a few. In 1999, Dub Mission won a Bay Guardian Goldie award in the music category. DJ Sep has also been nominated for an SF Weekly Music Award in the best DJ category, and has spun at venues and clubs in London, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, and throughout the Bay Area. For more information, visit: or

This man is a sorcerer of sorts, and his sets fall nowhere short of shocking. A powerful and energetic force on the decks, El Diablo is responsible for the music behind MalLabel’s theme song ‘Rollin With My Crew,’ and is known to flip it to psyphy when the BPM is getting too high, but the crowd’s high is just right. Our own devil with the following details: party rocking crazy pants. El Diablo cut his teeth in the electronic world with San Francisco’s acclaimed Dhamaal Soundsystem. The crew’s Worldly drum n bass sound garnered international attention with their 2004 self-titled debut album, and while the album sold several thousand copies in the US and abroad, the singles, EPs and remixes earned consistent airplay and licensing for various features. His first Release for Mallabel, “Rollin With My Crew” in November 2009, was a top 10 Bestseller on Juno download for over 5 weeks, topping at number 5 and prompting the first Dubstep Music Video release for the title track. He continues to be one of MalLabel Music’s best selling and most popular artists. His latest Album, “Devil in the Machine”, released Oct 24th 2011 on MalLabel, features a collaboration with legendary DnB dj, UFO! and remixes by Megalodon and Liquid Stranger and renews his success, reaching #41 on the Beatport Dubstep Charts.

Dazzling audiences with stunning word play and funky rhythms unheard in hip-hop and dance music, Joe Mousepad, who hails from New Hampshire, has earned a place as a prominent emcee in the international music community. Relocating to Boston in 2002 and eventually to San Francisco in 2007, his interactions with the hip hop and bass music scenes have pushed him in style and form, utilizing his abilities to play on any tempo and genre. You may have seen him at such music events as, Low End Theory, South by Southwest, and countless festivals along the west coast. Joe is no stranger to the decks as well, and has begun taking over beats AND the microphone, launching into what will soon be a beyond epic year creatively for Mr. Mousepad.

Sifting through the ashes of a post-apocalyptic city, searching the remains of clubs and theaters, one of the lone survivors, Alpaca, braves the new world optimistically with a Jedi Blaster, collecting the necessary pieces to begin a new civilization. Brushing broken glass from subwoofers & loading a stolen DeLorean, elements of a new bass utopia are assembled at the foot of Dolores Park. Having spent the previous decade as a pioneering land un-developer, replacing mega-housing with green space, the solitude of the newly abandoned planet was welcome. But a community had to be assembled to attempt any kind of party, or you know, to reproduce. Forging a crude wall of sound, Alpaca broadcasts a bass beacon developed in the early 2000’s, specifically tuned to attract heads & repel mindless bros responsible for the planet’s destruction. Patiently waiting for signs of life, he drops jams for the world to find – it’s all he knows to do.

Hellefante top dog, beauty, boss, and producer, WolfBitch is on the prowl. Her infectious blend of futuristic bass, house, dubstep, and tastemaker electronica sets her apart from her contemporaries in the San Francisco scene. Recently playing high profile gigs has seen Wolfbitch hungrier than ever- this set will not be one to miss.

As a child working in South Africa’s Witwatersrand uranium mines, VNDMG never dreamed of being the worldwide sensation he has yet to become. The harrowing effects of years of radiation poisoning are still evident, but his indomitable spirit has kept him upbeat in the face of ongoing adversity.
Though chock-full of intrigue, the tale of VNDMG’s journey to California is long forgotten. His history picks up as 2004 saw him working for slave wages in the Tenderloin spinning Bubblegum House in a dark basement club. One fateful day, a drunk patron spilled his drink and shorted the mixer. In the ensuing silence,VNDMG heard a strange and wonderful sound coming through the basement window – a sound he would later recognize as Glitch Hop. When the good people at Daly City Records found VNDMG, he was malnourished and confused, but his head was swirling with basslines and distorted synths. Within months he was rocking dance floors from the Bay Area to the Black Rock Desert where he has shared the stage with the likes of Kraddy, AK1200, Mochipet, Noah D, Ill-Esha, & Freq Nasty, amongst others.

**Party will be filmed for upcoming Mochipet & MC Zulu video**

We will also be celebrating Kaitlyn Noelle Starbuck turning 32… and for all those that have attended one of Ms. Starbuck’s previous Bday Bashes… you KNOW what is in store, so get ready!!!

*And because she adores costume parties and of course a good hot mess, we’ve decided to pair the 2 together…

Theme is any celeb; dead or alive…. so pick your fave Hollywood starlet, worst rich annoying heiress or biggest hair 80’s band member… it’s time to party like Rockstars B*itches! 🙂


ICON Ultra Lounge
1198 Folsom Street

Ill-esha: DIY Duchess Droppin’ Bass in the Bay


Under the playful name of ill-eshaElysha Zaide has made her mark from her hometown of Vancouver since the late nineties. She started off humbly enough as a house vocalist before moving into drum & bass. Then she caught the DJ bug, quickly earned her first residency, playing to twenty-odd people at a martini bar. Though she was fired when they found out she was only 16, the experience was invaluable. Soon, ill-esha was not only DJing and singing, but getting credits on records and producing her own material. Since 2001, her name has appeared on dozens of singles, while her albums and EPs have become more ambitious.

As the 2000’s wore on, Zaide felt that drum and bass was becoming repetitive and stagnant. Her full-length debut The Perfect Circuit – a collection of heady, trip-hoppy downtempo jams from 2008 – showed ill-esha at a crossroads. Disillusioned with jungle and romance, but not yet wholly dedicated to bass, she locked herself in the studio. With the help of a few friends, she learned to balance live recordings with processing and synthesis, and exorcised her emotronic demons.

Around this time, as her passion for West Coast Bass expanded, ill-esha co-founded the popular Glitch Hop Forum. Through this, Zaide forged professional relationships withMochipet (Daly City Records) and Dov (Muti Music), which would lead to seminal releases on both of their labels. As a side effect, it would also facilitate her move from Vancouver to the bass mecca of San Francisco in 2010.

As her talents in the studio developed, ill-esha has shifted focus from her vocal skills to her musicianship. Far too often, because of her gender, people assumed she was merely a singer, often asking her who made her beats after sets. As a result, she produced her first entirely instrumental album.

Released by Daly City in 2010, Circadian Rhythms silenced anyone who questioned her abilities as a producer. Zaide demonstrated her elegance in the string arrangements on “Sullen Sultry” and “Smoke & Mirrors,” her intricacy in the tasteful minimalism of “Stutterfly” and the thoughtful progression of “Hunting Season,” and her downright raunchiness in the dubstep moan of “Bedbug.” Reveriefollowed in 2011, gifting Muti Music with seven more slick, boom-bap influenced, bass heavy beats.

Where her voice on The Perfect Circuit was very clean and present in the mix, the vocal on Reverie closing track “Slide Over” was chopped up and processed. Lyrics used to be of the upmost importance early on, but now she uses her voice more subtly, as a texture than a conduit of specific meaning. Thus, though her vocals are prevalent on the warping soundscape single “Black Ice” and the Elusive History EP, they flow within the compositions, rather than on top of them, showing that she has many sharp tools at her disposal.

Mochipet in the New Bassnectar Mixtape!

Mochipet in the New Bassnectar Mixtape Vol. 7

Hello from Australia!

This past weekend was off the hook, as we sold out of nearly every presale ticket for every show on the VAVA VOOM SPRING TOUR. Full ticket onsale has now commenced. Last fall many shows sold out far in advance and people were forced to scalp tickets, so make your plans with us now, whether you are planning to road-trip or represent your hometown

Would you like to gyrate? We suspect that you would, so we are giving away the latest Bassnectar freestyle session:


Or you can stream/download via our free!
(Download is in the ‘Mailing List’ section)

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar – Wildstyle [live edit]
Futurebound – Blind Cobblers Thumb (Giz-roc edit)
DC Breaks – The More I Want (Bassnectar edit)
BLUR – Song 2 (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar & Jansten – Red Step
NastyNasty – The Goalie (Bassnectar Remix)
Foamo – Centavo [live edit]
Bassnectar vs Mochipet – Sloppy Face
Shotgun Radio – A Bad Place Ft. Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix)
MyBack – Blomman
Little Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
Bassnectar – Underwater

– Bassnectar Crew