Mochipet sends his new album “Rawr Means I Love You” to fans for free before it is even released to the public!

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Earlier this year, I was playing a show in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and someone decided to steal my laptop out of my backpack at the venue. I was of course in disarray, well because someone jacked my laptop! but more importantly, I was in the middle of tour and had to complete many more shows before I was able to head home.  With help from my friend Eric, we spent hours to navigate our way through the Mardi Gras madness to go to the Apple Store, many miles away, so I could buy a new laptop that was not what I needed, but could work, charged it on my credit card with money I didn’ t have at the time,  so I could return it after tour was over.  Shortly after I posted about my stolen laptop on my social media, I was sure it was gone but  just in-case there was any chance it might have been seen; I know it was a long shot. But more importantly, I was worried the thief could go on stealing more laptops from other artists without anyone being aware of the situation. Not expecting much, I posted some tracks to start a laptop fund and help spread awareness about the situation. To my surprise, donations started coming in at a substantial rate. Not only did my fans donate to my fund but they also helped spread awareness of the situation! I was able to raise enough to get a new laptop when I got off tour. I am very grateful for this, not only because I was able to replace the laptop that was stolen from me, but because people actually took time out and resources to help me in my time of need. To this I will always be grateful, and I promised that once my next album was finished I would send it to them free of charge before it is released to the public!  =)

I have learned a lot about insurance and tracking systems for keeping your laptop going to the wrong hands when your on tour. If you would like more info on this you can read my post here.

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the album!
– Mochi

Mochipet Fans Come Through After His Laptop is Stolen in New Orleans

THE BAD NEWS: A few week ago Mochipet’s Laptop was stolen in New Orleans on tour. From the artist: “Hello all! I have some bad news to report. While I was on tour last week in New Orleans someone went into my bag and Stole My Laptop. I am trying to raise funds for a new laptop as it’s a integral part of my work and life. My friend Graz suggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 Track collection of my work…Less then a week after David posted this Mochipet fans rallied and spread the word raising enough to buy him a new MacBook Pro. Now David is back on track and ready to make beats for you all again and he wanted to thank his fans personally.

THE GOOD NEWS: “I can’t thank everyone enough. I never thought I could raise the money in just less then a week. My hope was to just spread awareness to other musicians and gear being stolen from shows, and on tours. Believe it or not, after everyone takes their cut, we don’t make that much money as an underground artist. Everyone doing this is just doing for the music and when people come and steal your stuff it really puts a negative feeling to the whole purpose of music, which I feel is to uplift people. I pretty much work all week and play shows on the weekends so I have no social life, but I do it because I love music. To have the fans give back like this really solidifies my purpose, it really makes me feel good about making music again, and I am really grateful for that!” – mochi

If you read this and have any info about Mochipet’s missing laptop please contact him at

Mochipet’s Laptop:
MacBookPro 15″
Dark Purple Hardshell Speck case
Ableton Live Gel Keyboard Cover
Serial # C02FG82ADF91
Part # Z0M1000BQ

1) Tracking  Software (these track your laptop in case it is stolen)
– Project Prey (free)
– Lojack
– Apple iCloud (will track your Mac)
2) Always keep a copy of your Serial Number so you can report to police
3) Always report your stolen laptop to the police department. (if you bought your computer with a credit card come companies will give you money back if it is stolen)

P.S. – Yes that is the new sample of the Mochipet Limited Edition Grassroots Hat you see on the left there! I just got it in the mail.. coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who donated <3
Adam bosley, Alexander Clark, Alexander Donin, Andrew Highland, Andrew Lewis, andy
lindemann, Attila Kovacs, Benjamin Anderson, bequignon olivier, Bonnie Barrilleaux,
brandon helke, Brandon LaSan, brett milford, Caleb Johnson, chad dever, Christopher
Deakin, clarence hall, Cole Johnston, component records, Daniel Meier, Derrik Sakima,
Devin Saunders, Dj Digital, Doctype Beats, don r irwin, doug kaufman, Erica Noles, Evolve
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Integration LLC, George Logan, Greg Paul, HiFi-Friends, James Park, Jami Brierley, Jared
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Dangelmaier, Jim Andersen, Jimmy Lin, John Langan, john nash, Jonathan Broome, jordan
buttry, Jose Cintron, joseph chang, Joseph Goldsworthy, Josh Sanderlin, Joshu Doherty,
Joshua Franck, Joshua Sarlo, Julie Melen, Julien Bier, justin morales, LeeAnn Cook, Leo
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Mortensen, Nathan Vincent, Nick Baltar, Nicole Aptekar, NVR-NDR, oleg tutunnikov, Orman
J Walters III, Otium Industries, P MORGAN, Paul Tyler, Pawel Pietryka, Peter Farr, Peter
Gutierrez, Project Rooster, PWR Worldwide LLC, Rafrica Adams, Ramsay Devereux, Richard
Nunez, Richard Witty, Rowan Kastner, Rya Kirby, Ryan Mcallister, Rylie Hayes, Sean Glenn,
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Venecia Ramirez, Warren Georgia, william b hein, YUMI HEMMI, zachary williams

Mochipet’s Laptop Was Stolen on Tour in New Orleans Sunday, Please Help Spread the Word!

Hello all! I have some bad news to report. While I was on tour last week in New Orleans someone went into my bag and Stole My Laptop. I am trying to raise funds for a new laptop as it’s a integral part of my work and life. My friend Graz suggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 Track collection of my work that people have said they enjoyed in the past with a Brand New Unreleased Track (You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can’t Steal My Swing) that I made right before going to New Orleans.  So Please download and enjoy the music and give what you can.  If you can’t give, that’s OK too, just spread the word cause there is a chance the laptop could still turn up (see below)Feel free to download the tunes, as I find the best release for something stolen from you sometimes is to give something away you own… xoxo mochi


Info on the stolen laptop is below if you have any information in regards to it please contact me at

My Post from Facebook:
“So someone went into my bag last night and stole my laptop from the Dragons Den in New Orleans. If you have any idea about the whereabouts I will offer a reward more then the value if the laptop. I have 4 more shows to play this week and songs that I can’t get bk. It was a 15″ MacBook Pro with a purple hard shell case and a Ableton Live gel keyboard cover on it.Please help me Repost & spread the word to your friends”

Mochipet’s Stolen MacBookPro 15″:
Serial # C02FG82ADF91
Part # Z0M1000BQ

Musicians please help watch out for each others equipment. It’s not good for anyone when gear is stolen and the $ is never worth as much the content that is on the computer from the person you stole it from!

You can Donate and download the release below on Bandcamp or send it directly to David ( via Paypal. Thank you for the support! This is how we get by!

Come see Mochipet at Mardi Gras at the Dragon’s Den!












Come see Mochipet at Mardi Gras March 6th at the
Dragon’s Den, 435 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA