Mochipet Live Performance with Custom Visuals in Colorado This Month! 2/14 and 2/15


I’m am very excited to be doing my first Live Performance with Pdub (Jazz Mafia) and Berto on Custom Visuals for the first time out of town in Colorado later this Month! I’ll be joined by The Acidophiles Wo Scoops in Ft Collins  (Hodi’s) and Ill-Mannered and Knight Riderz in Denver (Cervantes) Please come out and enjoy the Magic! <3 Mochi

Free M4L Ring Modulator from Preshish Moments


Preshish Moments is giving away free stuff during 2013. The first download of the year is a 3 oscillator ring modulator for users of Max for Live. You can get more info about the PreshRingMod by going here:


Stay tuned for more free stuff!

Happy Holidays From Mochipet!


Happy Holidays everyone! For this week’s free download I would like to introduce you to the title track off my new record “Rawr Means I Love You” coming in 2013! I hope you enjoy it, remember to Rawr for the New Years!

And as always more free downloads here:

Mochipet sends his new album “Rawr Means I Love You” to fans for free before it is even released to the public!

Mochipet - Rawr-Means-I-Love-You_web

Earlier this year, I was playing a show in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and someone decided to steal my laptop out of my backpack at the venue. I was of course in disarray, well because someone jacked my laptop! but more importantly, I was in the middle of tour and had to complete many more shows before I was able to head home.  With help from my friend Eric, we spent hours to navigate our way through the Mardi Gras madness to go to the Apple Store, many miles away, so I could buy a new laptop that was not what I needed, but could work, charged it on my credit card with money I didn’ t have at the time,  so I could return it after tour was over.  Shortly after I posted about my stolen laptop on my social media, I was sure it was gone but  just in-case there was any chance it might have been seen; I know it was a long shot. But more importantly, I was worried the thief could go on stealing more laptops from other artists without anyone being aware of the situation. Not expecting much, I posted some tracks to start a laptop fund and help spread awareness about the situation. To my surprise, donations started coming in at a substantial rate. Not only did my fans donate to my fund but they also helped spread awareness of the situation! I was able to raise enough to get a new laptop when I got off tour. I am very grateful for this, not only because I was able to replace the laptop that was stolen from me, but because people actually took time out and resources to help me in my time of need. To this I will always be grateful, and I promised that once my next album was finished I would send it to them free of charge before it is released to the public!  =)

I have learned a lot about insurance and tracking systems for keeping your laptop going to the wrong hands when your on tour. If you would like more info on this you can read my post here.

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the album!
– Mochi

Jonah Brown: Magnum Poopus


Yesterday Jonah Brown, AKA Th’ Mole, unveiled his sophomore release, Magnum Poopus. Continuing where he left off with his Daly City Records debut, Logfather, the self-produced album consists entirely of bragadocious battle raps over catchy boom-bap beats, all of the lyrics centered on the theme of poop. Although the subject matter is patently juvenile, it is crafted and delivered with such flair and cleverness that 8th graders and adults alike will be able to appreciate it for the brilliant artistry that it is.

Expanding his repertoire beyond the scope of Logfather, in Magnum Poopus Jonah includes songs of romance (“Brown Sugar”), holiday cheer (“Poop Santa Claus”) and spirituality (“Meditations On Mysticism & The Infinite Nature Of Doodoo”). Additionally, guest juggalette MC Gory Pussy shares the female perspective on defecation in “Lady Lumps” while Oregonian shaman LXOR (of New Cocoon) gives an environmentally-minded touch to “Compost”.

The first single, “Shit Crimes”, is available to stream at, while just in time for the holidays, the aforementioned “Poop Santa Claus” is a free download at

The entire 18-track album is available to download on sale for just $2 until the New Year at


Daly City Stencils Found in France!


Our friend Dylan Just sent us this documentary of  Blek Le Rat  Stencil Pioneer in France and there was some Daly City Stencils spotted around (21:55 – 21:59).  We are proud to be represented here <3

British graffiti artist Banksy has acknowledged Blek’s influence stating “every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier.”[7] The two have expressed mutual desire for collaboration; in 2011, Blek was seen adding to a mural begun the previous year by Banksy in the Mission District, San Francisco.[8]


Blek Le Rat Stencil Pioneer DVD from King ADZ @ SKA on Vimeo.



Mochipet on Autonomous Music’s Va-Array Vol. 2

Va-Array Vol 2 (Autonomous Music – Free DL!)

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Translated by Bing

Autonomous Music is the type of projects that should exist in a heap. This organization uses music and performances live from an impressive list of artists as a tool for social change. Art as a hammer that hits the nail of the meanings.

His proposal is specifically political, and if you know even at some of the names of the musicians involved you will see that everything is more than real, that are putting force into a target clear and thus are making an important contribution. The roster is composed by Dj Vadim, Filastine, Quantic, Mochipet, Natasha Kmeto, The Polish Ambassador, Resident Anti-Hero, Octopus Nebula, Ott, Ott & The All-Seeing I, Ill-Esha, Emancipator, Alex B, Anomie Belle, Blietech, Conduits, Cry Wolf, Dr Israel, Etheric Double, Intelepaths, Invisible Allies, Little People, Marley Carroll, Papadosio, Paper Diamond, Paper Tiger, Phutureprimitive, Pnuma Trio, Random Rab, The Great Muandane, The Nadis WarriorsYppah and Unlimited Gravity.

Last November 28 have released their second compilation for so-called free descent “Array Vol 2″, which contains tracks from all of their artists.” As it is logical, because the reason that unites all of these names is not a musical line but an eagerness in common, styles that handles are the most heterogeneous. On this album they may listen to hip hop, house, future step, indie hop, IDM, synth hop, trip hop, dubstep, reggae dub, techno pop and electro. But mysteriously this stylistic explosion runs evenly. The disk draws a journey that will unveil the adventure of track in track.

A very good album with a very good proposal back.”

New Free Download from Mochipet – The Pet With The Iron Paws Remix!

Hey Ya’ll! I have always been a fan of The Wu-Tang Clan’s Rza,  Eli Roth, and Quentin Tarantino so I had to do a remix of this song for you all! I hope you enjoy it, and it’s a Free Download of course. So share and enjoy! <3 Mochi


DJ 0.000001: Hipster Sellout (trap mixtape)

Hot on the heels of the Jonah Brown: Deuce mixtape, Th’ Mole, AKA DJ 0.000001, presents a new collection of exclusive mashups and remixes in a trap stylee.  Free download (for a limited time) at

1. The Supremes/ETC!ETC! & Brillz – You Keep Me Hangin On/Swoop [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
2. Diplo ft. Lil Jon/Afrojack – U Don’t Like Me/Annies Theme (Carnage Festival Rmx) [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
3. A-Trak & Dillon Francis/Cashout – Money Makin’ (Oliver Twizt Rmx)/Cashin Out [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
4. Sex Pistols/Feed Me – Pretty Vacant/Pink Lady (Mister Gray & Hijinx Trap Bootleg) [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
5. Diplo ft. Rye Rye/Djemba Djemba – Wassup/Oh OK Yeah That’s Cool [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
6. Beastie Boys/Hardwell – Hold It Now Hit It/Spaceman (Carnage Festival Rmx) [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
7. Azealia Banks/RL Grime – 212/Flood [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
8. Rell The Soundbender – Grimey Thirsty [DJ 0.000001 Remix]
9. Brillz, ETC!ETC! & Smile Future – Represent Your City [DJ 0.000001 Remix]
10. Dr. Octagon/Clockwork – Blue Flowers/Titan (Coyote Kisses Rmx) [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
11. Tears For Fears/gLAdiator x LOUDPVCK – Shout/Scaley [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
12. Ol’ Dirty Bastard/MartyParty & FreQ Nasty – Brooklyn Zoo/Beethoven’s Filth [DJ 0.000001 Mashup/Remix]
13. Portishead/Raf Riley – Glory Box/Dog Unit (Part 3) [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]
14. Diplo ft. Nicky Da B/Savoy – Express Yourself/Senator [DJ 0.000001 Mashup]

New Song Swimming in a Sea of Galaxies by Mochipet

Mochipet unveils new tune from Rawr Means I Love You, due out January 2013.

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new on my Soundcloud so I thought I would give you a guys a new track from my upcoming album “Rawr Means I Love You.” I know, I know this album has been long time in the making but I promise it will be released soon. Free to my dedicated fans in December 2012 and the rest of the World in January 2013. I hope you enjoy this tune and if you like it please feel free to share it with your friends! Much Loves -Mochi