Happy Bday Tupac Shakur! Free Mochipet Remix “Holler If You Hear Me” Enjoy!

Just a little PolyFunk Remix I did in Honor of Tupac Shakur’s Birthday. Wanted to bring back the Funky Hi-Hat ever so lost in Today’s Bass Music. It will be a free download on here till Monday.. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur (Free Download Till Monday!) by Mochipet

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OUT NOW on Daly City Splatinum

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ARTIST: Splatinum
TITLE: We are Splatinum

FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 04/20/2010

WE ARE SPLATINUM is fueled with the alien technology known as “Der Schplatzl.” Cohorts Andrew Luck and Dosadi crush retro rave, dubstep and synth pop into Voltronic Daft Crunk in their premiere collaborative release. These 9 tracks pulse with iridescent harmonic leads and face punching monster truck bass lines. Leave your goatee and track shoes at home: there is no chin scratching or shoe gazing as Splatinum breaks down the door, lasers blazing and bass bins raging.

ARTIST: Monk Fly
TITLE: The Far Side of Zen
LABEL: Daly City Records
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 02/02/2010