Mochipet & DJ 0.000001 “Eazy-E On Atari” Free Downloa

eazy-e on atari

Courtesy of Chrome Kids, the ghost of Eazy-E gets man-handled by Mochipet, DJ 0.000001 and Eprom by way of the free maxi-single “Eazy-E On Atari”.

Check out all the freaking reviews and features it has received from Money, Hoes, & Clothes, Bass Music, Rock The Dub, Noise Porn, White Folks Get Crunk for DJ’s, Boom Boom Chik, Goose Bumps Beatz, Ghetto Bazaar, Doktor Krank, My Morning After, and Faites La Fete Pas L’amour.

Get it here.

(And stay tuned for the free full-length DJ 0.000001 release, Racin’ Music, coming soon.)