New Free Mochipet Download on the Untz!

Much Thanks to the Untz for Sharing a new Mochipet Track “Gigan” Mashuped up with non other then the Wiz him self! Enjoy! See him at Impulse Music Festival Next Weekend!  Read More

Everybody’s favorite giant purple dinosaur is back. Hell no, not Barney–Mochipet! David Wang is releasing a brand new mash-up to celebrate his appearance at IMPULSE Music & Arts Festival. The slamming tune from the glitch-hop guru leans heavily on bass and hip-hop. Summoning the strength of one of the biggest rappers on the planet, Wiz Khalifa, this new tune smashes laser synths into walls of bass, creating an unstoppable monster hellbent on crushing the earth. There is no doubt that this cut is heading for viral celebrity with its liquid cool breakdowns and verses from one of the greats. Mochipet will be joining a stellar lineup of EDM superstars at the inaugural IMPULSE Music & Arts Festival in Union Point, Georgia next week. ….. Read more


Mochipet Mashups on NoisePorn..

Solid mashups from hitmaker Mochipet! These were done to prep ya for his next release “Godzilla Rehab Center” coming out on Bombeatz Music. Mashups of Too Short vs. Maguera and Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan. Who will win? Only you can decide. Vote for either Wiz or Too Short by clicking the heart on the track you like better! .. Read More

Mochipet – Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan

Mochipet – Wiz Khalifa vs. Moguera

Mochipet Beastie Boys Remix on Oddbloggins

By now, you surely already have heard that Beastie Boy MCA aka Adam Yauch passed away this past Friday, May 4, 2012, after a long battle with cancer.  This would be a pretty shitty beat blog if we didn’t pause for the man with the beard like a billy goat.  The Beasties will go down in history as legends in hip-hop, and, for our purposes, as some of the greatest innovators of the sample game.  Hell, Paul’s Boutique…. Read More

New Free Download from Mochipet Too Short vs. Wiz Khalifa “Cast Your Vote!”

To prep ya for my next release “Godzilla Rehab Center” coming out on soon I have 2 brand new mashes for ya.. Too Short vs. Maguera and Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan. Who will win? only you can decide. Vote for either Wiz or Too Short by clicking the heart on the track you like better… Please share and enjoy with your friends. Much Love -Mochi


CHICXULUB REBIRTH Mochipet’s New Release is Out Now

cover by: Kill The Box Design

When we last left the dinosaurs, they had nearly escaped extinction and were headed to a newfound land. Since that time, Mochipet has enlisted the help of his friends Freddy Todd, Sugarpill, D.V.S., s.p.e.c.t.r.e, Papa Skunk, Elfkowitz, Preshish Moments, Smash and Grab, Bass Science, dkon, Profresher Blacklight, Renee Leah and Zen Death Squad  in the creation of a brand new feast of sounds for their fans to dig into. Seventeen tracks of stomping basslines and glitchy overtones are designed to make crowds rawr for more!

Available at: Beatport | iTunes | Amazon | Emusic | Juno | 1320Records



01. I Really Don’t Think We Are Ok Ace    (Sugarpill Remix)

02. Dinosaur Anthems    (Derek VanScoten D.V.S. Remix)

03. The New Ark    (S.P.E.C.T.R.E Remix)

04. Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt    (Papa Skunk Remix)

05. A Home Away From Home    (Freddy Todd Remix)

06. A Home Away From Home    (Elfkowitz Remix)

07. The New Ark    (Preshish Moments Remix)

08. I Really Don’t Think We Are Ok Ace    (Smash & Grab Remix)

09. Dinosaur Anthems    (Bass Science Remix)

10. Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt    (Free Crush Remix)

11. Dinosaur Anthems    (Living~Stone Remix)

12. Fossils    (Dkon Remix)

13. The New Ark    (Profresher Blacklight Remix)

14. Fossils    (Renee Leah Remix)

15. Home Away From Home    (Zen Death Squad Remix)


ARTIST: Mochipet

TITLE: Chicxulub Rebirth


LABEL: 1320Records/Daly City Records

FORMAT: Digital

RELEASE DATE: 03/20/2012

Th’ Mole, AKA Jonah Brown

Th’ Mole has been busy as usual, recently dropping a couple singles with music videos (“$uper $tarlet $uicide” and “I’m Over Dubstep”), two cover songs (Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies” and Jungle Brothers’ “I’ll House You”), and a mixtape (featuring Mochipet, Udachi, Ice Cube, etc.) for his new alter-ego, Jonah Brown.  Links below.

“$uper $tarlet $uicide” (video):
“I’m Over Dubstep” (video):
“Hey Ladies” (MP3):
“I’ll House You” (MP3):
Jonah Brown – Poop Raps Mixtape (MP3’s):

The Daily Dread: Mochipet & MC Zulu – “To The East”

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MCZULU & MOCHIPET – To The East (Free Download) from Mochipet is Evil by Mochipet

Earlier today, Mochipet & MC Zulu offered up a free download of a track from the pair’s forthcoming collaborative LP, Mochipet Is Evil – a joint release slated for release on April 3rd through Mochi’s Daly City Records.

This track has me salivating to hear the rest of the album, as it sees Mochipet’s production on a bit more of a tropical funky vibe, even incorporating Eastern melodies as the name would suggest – as opposed to the glitchier beats he’s become known for.  This single is said to include remixes from Freddy ToddHellfire MachinaSkulltraneBD1982and BC’s own Yan Zombie & Jay Wikid – in fact, Yan’s remix of the title track “Mochipet Is Evil” can be previewed now.

Mochipet is based in California, and is out on his “Pet Your Godzilla” tour throughout the states this month – you may have heard about him having his MacBook stolen from a gig in New Orleans a couple weeks back, and in hopes of recouping costs to purchase another, he has posted up a 26-track album for purchase on his bandcamp page, including his newest track, “You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can’t Steal My Swing.”  Keep up with Mochi on his websitesoundcloudfacebook, & twitter.

MC Zulu is a Panama-native, now Chicago-based vocalist & musician with a wealth of material dating back over ten years ago, having worked with producers such as Poirier,DJ CKush Arora & Chrissy Murderbot.  Late last year he released the full length Electro Track Therapy to positive reviews, containing personal favorites such as the Poirier-produced “Call Red Alert” and “Outlaw Speakerbox,” on a riddim crafted by Brazilian producer/DJ Maga Bo.  The album is available here on Juno or here on Beatport.  He runs an excellent blog, hosted within his website, and as well as a very active facebook fanpage, you can also catch him on twitter, or check out the wealth of original music on his soundcloud.

To mark the release of their new LP, there will be a huge release party in San Francisco tonight (March 9th), with a slew of special guests – check the details here.  Here in BC, we are planning on having our own set of album release parties, including a date here in Vancouver on Friday April 20th at W2 alongside Cyphanex badman Yan Zombie and another show the following night in Nelson at the Spiritbar.  Keep your eyes peeled for full party info once its been released!

Vancouver, BC

W2 Media Cafe
April 20, 2012 – 9:00 pm
w/ MC Zulu & Yan Zombie
111 West Hastings. St
Vancouver, BC

Nelson, BC

Spirit Bar
April 21, 2012 – 8:00 pm
w/ MC Zulu & Yan Zombie
422 Vernon St.
Nelson, BC

Mochipet Remixes Kid606 (Tigerbeat6/Berlin)

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Ejaculazer Tag: A big 80 bpm blast of shiny synthesizer funk influenced in equal parts by Dr. Dre, Daft Punk, and Vangelis.

Mochipet brings an epic remix that makes the original sound small in comparison with sweeping strings and a soaring angelic vocal chorus.

We call it life: another 80 bpm Sci-fi hip hop jam, but dark and brooding with a more dirty south crunk influence.

Ejaculazer Tag 160bpm club remix: High power 160 bpm hyped up
juke styled remix.

Cartoon funk: this one is just plain freaky and weird like someone spilled cough syrup in your 808 and it had a mind of its own.

Ejaculazer Tag – Joe Lentini Dub: New Schematic artist Joe Lentini shows another side of his incredibly diverse style with this thick and contemplative smoothjam.

Let’s Get Radioactive – Kanji Kinetic remix: Mutantbass Mastermind and the UK’s most underrated producer makes a fun and nasty hardcore crowdpleaser out of Kid606’s delusional song about aliens and nuclear energy.

Cover art by Dj Zhao

Artist: Kid606
Album Title: Ejaculazer Tag EP
Catalogue Number: meow187
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: March 26th, 2012
Format: digital EP
Label Contact:



1. Ejaculazer Tag
2. Ejaculazer Tag – Mochipet remix
3. We Call It Life
4. Ejaculazer Tag – 160bpm club remix
5. Cartooon Funk
6. Ejaculazer Tag – Joe Lentini Dub
7. Let’s Get Radioactive – Kanji Kinetic remix

Mochipet Remixes STS9′s “Scheme”

Happy Valentines Day From Mochipet 1320 and STS9 (STS9 – Scheme – Mochipet Remix) Free Download by Mochipet

Tyrannosaurus Rex?? No… Mochipet!! The bass-ballin’ prehistoric brainchild of David Wang, Mochipet (1320 Records) has become a household name among all connoisseurs of womp. Accumulating a huge following across the US and Europe, Wang has been dominating dance floors while reppin’ a purple dino-suit.

Showing the love to all of his fans on Valentine’s Day, Mochipet released another remix of an STS9 song: this time, “Scheme”. If you haven’t heard Wang’s first STS9 remix, “When The Dust Settles”, then be sure to check it out below. Enjoy the tunes!!

New Release | Sovereign Sect – Play Hard


About Sovereign Sect:

Understanding the importance of creating a live performance that is astonishing and impossible to forget, the members of Sovereign Sect are absolute masters at captivating a crowd and leaving them electrified. The Fargo-based, tri-producer/drummer quartet uses nearly forty years of collective musical experience to accomplish its goal of pushing the limits of the electronic live show and annihilating their audiences.

By incorporating innovative production styles, covering many different musical genres and utilizing the talents of three producers, Sovereign Sect is not only able to entertain audiences but also amaze listeners with a sound that is as unique as it is diverse. This combination of Sovereign Sect’s no holds barred live performance and its multidimensional production style is a cosmic match that only results in a supersonic experience that should never be missed.

Artist: Sovereign Sect
Release: Play Hard
Label: Daly City Records
Duration: 33:43
Genre: Glitch Hop
Tags: Dope • Dubstep/Grime • Glitch Hop • Glitchy • Heavy • IDM• Midtempo
Released: 2012-02-07