J’aime Le Dubstep on Living~Stone-Root Up EP now available on Addictech.com


In a time where too many people either receive acclaim too easily or simply buy their way into the industry and mp3-players of fans all over (if this is you – yeah, you suck for it). Sometimes an artist will breakthrough because of their hard work ethic, great attitude and all around positive vibe. When it comes to Living~Stone, nothing could describe him better. This guy carries as much heart as he does bass.

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Now available on Addictech.com!

J’aime Le Dubsteb #114- SF Series: Mochipet

Well, well, what a surprise we’ve got here! Our fourth mix in our San Francisco Series, and our JLD mix #114 coming in from the biggest purple dinosaur since Barney & Friends, MOCHIPET !!!! If your unfamiliar with the name, then we’re gonna change that.

I’ve been a fan of Mochipet ever since his 2007 release Girls <3 Breakcore, wither or not this is true is irelevant, because I like girls who love Breakcore. In fact Mochipet has been releasing music since 2002 in all sorts of styles but mainly remaining in the IDM 8bit esthetics going up to Breakcore. From what I can tell he made his move into the world of Glitch Hop, very succesfully I may add, in 2008/09. His album Master P On Atari is a great listen and I recommend it (Girls <3 Breakcore too, if your into the harder and faster riddims). So it goes without saying that I’m more then proud to release this wicked mix by Mochipet, the San Fancisco Purple Dragon Dinosaur.

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