Taiwan Tour has been really fun, nice to visit the homeland again

Here are some Photos of my surprise set at Brickyard on Wed.. Playing here again tonight then back to Taipei for Urban Nomad Festival… with a stop to see the cousins … Much Love! -Mochi

Photos by Danny Chu Photography!

Mochipet Preps Taiwan Tour

photo by: Zhotography

Mochipet to hit his homeland in early April for a mini-tour! On his trip he will perform at the Spring Scream Festival (Kenting), Urban Nomad Festival (Taipei), and Brickyard – Kaohsiung (south Taiwan).  You can read more about it here in this article.  Check out his latest free download “To The East” featuring Chicago’s MCZULU due out April 3rd on Daly City Records! For other Mochipet Tour Dates

April 7 (Sat):      Spring Scream – Kenting (south Taiwan)
April 8 (Sun):     Spring Scream – Kenting (south Taiwan)
April 13 (Fri):    Brickyard – Kaohsiung (south Taiwan)
April 14 (Sat):    Urban Nomad – Taipei (north Taiwan)