Mochipet Launches Remix Competition for ‘Psilocybin Samurai’


Calling all Producers and Beat Makers! Petnation Recordings has teamed up with to present a remix contest for Mochipet’s new album Psilocybin Samurai! Entrants can choose between remixing the title track “Psilocybin Samurai”or the Glitch-hop Trufflestep Banger “Cractal Frunk.” Adding to the fun Mochipethas brought his friends edIT of the Glitch Mob, Z-Trip, Ill-Gates, and Mr. Lif to judge the contest! Both a grand prize winner and a runner up will be chosen to appear on the release, and in addition will receive prizes such as a copy of Ableton Live Standard, Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo & K-Board, Midi Fighter by DJ TechTools, iZotope Ozone 6 + Stutter Edit, and Serato Control Vinyl + DJ Licenses. Submissions are due by April 14th, 2015 and must be submitted to the remix contest SoundCloud group. More info is below. So get to work, and good luck!

Click Here To Enter!



glitch lesson 101

what up peeps


last week at college i had to explain about glitch music as it is new to my class so i explain about the legendary purple dinosaur himself mochipet and how he’s one of the best beat makers i know that ever touch that music as explaining about another legend the crunk master himself edIT from the glitch mob

was very fun indeed